How smoking affects the body ?

How smoking affects the body ?

harm the habit is much more serious than many currently are.Research in this area, carried out in the US in 2000 showed that smoking, which is common among 15-year-olds, will kill three times more of them than AIDS, murder, drugs, alcohol and traffic accidents combined.30% of deaths among men aged 35 to 70 years is caused by smoking.

Even in Nazi Germany carried out the world's first state program to combat smoking, which Hitler gave attention to nothing less than preparing for military action.His attitude to tobacco he expressed in his book "Mein Kampf", which advised to destroy the Slavs in the occupied territories to give the vodka and tobacco.


first thing that influences smoking - is respiratory.Lung disease smoker expressed in narrowing of the bronchial tree and the gradual destruction of the pulmonary alveoli.His development of the disease gets expressed in chronic bronchitis or emphysema.The latter leads to respiratory and cardiac failure.

smokers are 5-7 times more likely to develop chronic bronchitis, which subsequently complicated by emphysema or pneumosclerosis that significantly disrupt the function of the lungs.Dirt and sputum can not be derived from the lungs, as the tiny hairs, the cilia are responsible for this task, packed with nicotine gum.

Emphysema - a pathology of the alveoli, which become wider and x-ray look like holes.Shortness of breath and cough Wet become inseparable companions of the smoker.lung diseases develop slowly (10-15 years) and those who smoked in the 20, the risk is very seriously ill at the age of thirty-five.The chronic nature of the disease allows you to live a long time, but have to put up with the discomfort and disability.The worst option is considered to be dependent on the maintenance of systems, for example, the constant need oxygen treatment.But may still develop disease and lung cancer.

question the effect of smoking on the body, it is still being studied, but it is known that from smoking-related diseases die writer Maxim Gorky, Oleg Yefremov, actor, General Secretary Konstantin Chernenko.Approximately 90% of deaths related to smoking account with lung diseases.WHO estimates that in 2003 this figure has topped 1.3 million. Man.


During all sorts of smoke breaks together with tobacco smoke human body consumes carbon monoxide, which blocks the hemoglobin in the blood.Because of this, oxygen delivery to the heart muscle is greatly disturbed, which leads to serious diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

imagine how smoking affects the heart, will help the following experience.Take a glass with a drink and a straw normal, have a drink.Are you fast enough and quench your thirst without problems.Now podyschu straw twice already, and try to drink a glass of liquid.You get tired more quickly than a drink a drink.Similarly, accounts for the heart: blood vessels are compressed and forced him to work harder.

addition, smoking causes an increase in blood cholesterol levels.As a consequence, fat deposited in the arteries, occurs occlusion and myocardial infarction.The chances of a heart attack in smokers earn up 4-5 times than that of nonsmokers.

Smoking and Cancer

From 5000 chemical compounds found in tobacco smoke, about 60 cause cancer.

Everyone knows that X-rays can be done twice a year, as this process is accompanied by significant exposure of the body.In the year that does not exceed 1.5 x-ray.And now attention: 365 packs of cigarettes irradiated body strength of 500 X-rays.Not surprisingly, 10% of smokers die from cancer.

In 85 cases out of a hundred, you can trace the dependence of lung cancer from smoking.And this dependence is directly proportional to the number of smoked cigarettes per day and the content of resin.The disease is poorly diagnosed in the early stages, so leaves little chance for a successful outcome.Most patients die within the first five years, and only one in ten is experiencing this milestone.Lung cancer is globally considered to be "the most fruitful" for cancer mortality.Only one in ten who died did not smoke.Every year from the disease on the basis of smoking killed over a million people.

Smoking and birth

How smoking affects the conception, not yet fully explored, but disappointing facts abound.First, smokers fertility is reduced by 30-40%.Secondly, a future mother broken egg maturation process and its exit from the ovary, and men reduced the number and activity of sperm.Thirdly, smoking adversely affecting the process of fertilization, but the risk of ectopic pregnancy increases significantly.

smoking and physical development

has become the norm smoking among adolescents.More than that, you can find a smoker, which is not something that 15 and 8 years old are not yet fulfilled.But for children the harm of smoking is much higher than for adults.Located in the stage of development of the body is more susceptible to the harmful effects of toxic substances, which is full of cigarette smoke.

First of all, suffers from the central nervous system.The teenage daughter is getting worse, he becomes nervous and irritable.Smoking affects the growth of muscles that do not get enough of the essential vitamins, minerals, protein and so on.Falls sight, violated the metabolic processes, and slows down the overall physical development.

Smoking and pregnancy

Not all women think about how smoking affects pregnancy.And this is a number of negative impacts.

Smoking increases the risk of complications, premature births and miscarriages.It contributes to oxygen deficiency (hypoxia) fruit.Hypoxia, in turn, does not allow the baby to develop normally and the result - smoking during pregnancy, women give birth to premature babies or disproportionately developed parts of the body (small head, chest and body length).In addition, maternal smoking is equivalent to smoking fetus.And this is a more serious consequences that occur as a child's development and are often psychological.

What would not have been the meaning of human life, there is nothing that would not be able to destroy the smoking.Sooner or later it will have a deleterious effect felt by each smoker.But worst of all, they are suffering similar people who have never held a cigarette in their hands.Protect yourself and them - throw a cigarette.