Removing the salt damage ?

Removing the salt damage ?

If you have good reason to suspect that you or your family some secret foe, does not avoid the black magic, put the spell, or you inadvertently jinxed, of course you can ask forhelp to the village grandmother-sorceress or witch city.But to use their services do not have to, because you can completely remove the damage induced on you yourself, most importantly, not to delay the case and start clean energy as soon as possible until corruption had not yet had time to thoroughly relax your biofield.

most simple and yet very effective way of removing the evil eye and spoilage at home is to get rid of them using ordinary kitchen salt.

How to remove the evil eye damage and salt

This method is based on a unique property of the salt to absorb all the magical energy, both positive and negative.
Rite removal of damage should be carried out on a clear night when the stars in the sky are visible.

  1. When the time is nearing midnight, go to the kitchen, take it pure aluminum or cast-iron skillet and place it on the stove.
  2. When the pan is good burn, left hand scoop from the pack a handful of salt and throw it in the pan.
  3. Warm up salt in a pan and all the while saying: "Is there a person in the world who wants and who does evil to me?".
  4. If the salt in the pan to slowly turn yellow and does not emit any sounds - reasons for you do not worry, you only damage primereschilas.If during calcination salt starts to smoke, much to pop, from time to time as it "explode" from her tumble down stinking smoke, then all your suspicions were correct, damage you do someone brought.
  5. To get rid of it, take the pan, leave it out and pour "dirty" salt running water, or under tree roots.
  6. Then lift your head, look at the sky and slowly turning clockwise avarage whisper in the sky 21 star.
  7. Then ask the sky to return all the evil back to the one who sent it to you, and go home to sleep.

probably sleep in the night you will be bad, you will disturb the nightmares, perhaps you will see them and their detractors, but with the first rays of the sun all night fears will dissipate, and you will feel a distinct relief.

The next day, try to anybody not communicate and do not give anything to anyone and do not lend.

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