Where to download Windows 7 ?

Where to download Windows 7 ?

Our today's article focuses on software, namely product features among them.Let's talk about what Windows 7, and where you can download this product.Microsoft is famous for really high-quality and user-friendly products.Many people give their preference to the software of this office.Where do we get Windows 7?So:

Where Windows 7 download?

Let's look to start with what it represents Windows 7 and what requirements this software makes the computer.As you know, not be able to handle any computer with Windows 7. Minimum requirements for "seven" very democratic:

  • Processor (starting from 32-bit) with a clock frequency of 1 GHz or higher.
  • 1 GB for 32-bit systems or 2 GB for 64-bit memory system.
  • 16 GB (32x) or 20 GB (64x) of hard disk space.
  • Graphical device DirectX 9 or higher.

Official releases of this product - it's Basic, Home, Professional, Ultimate.A few words about these releases, as well as about where you can download them.By the way, you can download the official trial version of Windows 7 on this link (windows 7 for free): download Windows 7.

  • Basic or basic home version of Windows 7 allows you to work with any number of programs and applications.This version is very economical.The resources of your PC or netbook will be available as much as possible.Download Microsoft Windows 7 Starter - This link will allow you to download the torrent file that contains the distribution of this version of Windows 7. If you do not know how to use torrents, then our article to help you: What is a torrent?With the help of this article you will understand how to download the image of Windows 7.
  • Home advanced or Home Premium version of Windows 7 allows you to create your own home network, you can use to share a variety of files, such as images, videos.You can also play fascinating games with his family.Convenient work with the TV programs will allow you to view, rewind, pause, or record your favorite programs and talk shows.Download this version of Windows 7 can be in the following link of torrent file: Download Windows 7 Home.Here is where you can download Windows 7.
  • Professional or Professional version of Windows 7 allows the user to run many Windows XP programs in Windows XP Mode.It is very convenient and necessary for better archiving of data on a home or corporate network.domain join feature allows you to easily and safely connected to the local network.Many people think that Windows 7 Professional is designed for business, however, the creators say that this version of the product is also perfect for home entertainment.You can download the original version of Windows 7 Professional on this link: Download Windows 7 Professional.
  • Ultimate or maximum version of the software Windows 7 - is the most complete and best product from Microsoft.Great convenience and entertainment abilities of Home Premium version - it's all there in Windows 7 Ultimate.Useful tools for conducting your business will help you to carry out complex and multifaceted projects.Unsurpassed level of data protection is typical for this version of Windows 7 Ultimate only.Torrent Download Windows 7 ultimate you can follow this link: Microsoft Windows 7 download (maximum).

We hope, dear reader, that our article will help you find exactly the product that suits your needs and requirements.Our position is based on that, to be honest consumer, and still buy software rather than download it for free.