How to start smoking?

How to start smoking?

If you are reading this article, you have already decided to start smoking.To say that it's bad, we're not going to, you know.Not going and dissuade.Simply describe how to start smoking.

Where to start smoking

With the acquisition of necessary equipment.

  1. cigarettes.Choose a good filter, with the words "light".Although, frankly, it's just self-hypnosis.With them, you "drink" the amount of resin too.
  2. lighter or matches, at your discretion.
  3. Ashtray, if necessary (consider where you will shake the ashes).

How to start smoking: rules

  1. Select the location and time of smoking, where you can relax and not be in a hurry.You should not be in suspense of what is now will someone from whom you hide (if so).
  2. smoke in the presence of an experienced smoker, of course, if you are willing to tell him that you are going to smoke.In which case, it will have emergency care, and suggest how to better and more convenient to smoke.In general, guided by the way convenient to you.
  3. Do not smoke on an empty stomach.Just increase the harm in a few times, and will be disgusted, especially for the first time.
  4. Check the lighters.
  5. Practice.After reading the art of smoking, porepetiruyte, hold a cigarette in his mouth (filter side, of course) without its ignition;try inhaling and exhaling the imaginary imaginary smoke.
  6. Notice how you will be more convenient to keep the cigarette as it is more convenient to shake the ashes.

smoking technique for a beginner

  1. Take a cigarette in his mouth (remember - the filter - it is often the orange part of the cigarette, the smaller the selected part).Do not insert it deep.
  2. Hold the lighter flame to the very end of the cigarette and slowly tighten in air, so that the cigarette ignited.Do not overdo it.You will have to feel somewhat disgusting taste in the mouth.The process of smoking began.The lighter can be removed.
  3. Be prepared to cough and tears.Do not worry, this is normal.Lung cancer does not develop so quickly.Just cleared his throat and wait for the will be able to "drink" on the resin.
  4. Well then everything well: inhale the smoke into the lungs and do not forget to breathe it, for uniform distribution of burning in the lungs.
  5. During smoking You will see that cigarette smolders, but in the end hung the ashes that are ready to burn your clothes or hair (if there is, for example, wind).Shakes off the ashes of your finger or tapping a cigarette on the edge of the ashtray.
  6. smoked a cigarette down to the filter.Do not be greedy, leave it to a few millimeters;smoking filter is not necessary - is harmful.
  7. so-called bull discard and wash your hands with soap and water (so as not to smell).

healthy lungs you.