How to make windows 7 genuine ?

How to make windows 7 genuine ?

Many people today are looking for ways how to activate your Windows 7 operating system (see. Also "How to activate Windows XP?").Naturally, no one wants to pay money for activation, although this infringes copyrights developers.Today, let's see how you can activate Windows 7 for free!In other words, how to make Windows 7 genuine?

Activate Windows 7 guide

We offer universal activator Windows 7. Using the activator, you will spend a few minutes at least, and your nerves.And most importantly, you can make your copy of Windows 7 genuine.

  1. team with created a program to crack Windows 7. The program is called 7Loader v1.4.The program will understand even the most inexperienced PC user.It is necessary to download the program, unzip it and run.
  2. After running you will see a dialog box with a list of logos of various famous brands of the computer market.The window shall be OEM-binding function.In this window you need to choose the logo that will have your taste.The system will make it clear to the user that the OEM has been installed.It can be such a message: "OEM Installed".
  3. Now we need to set the loader 7 to Windows 7 to make genuine.To do this, click on the option "Install 7 loader".Installation of the program will require one or two minutes.After installation you will see this message: "7Loader Succesfully Installed".
  4. Now you need to close the program, and then restart the computer.That's all.You now have a genuine version of Windows 7. To verify this, go to the computer properties.You can download official updates from Microsoft and fully use the features Windows 7.

You can download the program for free from this link: Windows loader by Daz.

The latest version of the program that came out recently, there are a few improvements.Now, the utility runs more stable and supports more types of computers, and, of course, helps to make Windows 7 genuine.

All these systems that help users take advantage of false activation, causing the wrath of indignation Windows developers.The average person who wants to get a free version of Windows, hardly realize that what works is the creation of complex software products like operating systems.We continue to consume non-stop, but one day will come when this will be the end of impunity.This will include not only operating systems, but also the rest, ie music, movies, computer games and so on.The more we steal, so in the end down and out, the more we overpay.Manufacturers put such a high price for their products because they know that these products will steal.