As there is a dog?

As there is a dog?

In eastern countries sobachatiny menu listed from time immemorial.For ancient peoples, including those who lived in what is now the Maritime region, sobachatiny long been virtually the sole source of meat.Today, dog meat can be enjoyed in many restaurants Korea, Vietnam, Southern China.

How have the dog: open

menu in the menu of many Eastern schools can offer you various dishes of dog meat: grilled ribs, legs, generously seasoned with minced meat curry or with wine.The most famous dish of sobachatiny - fat broth, the soup made of dog meat, which is served with bamboo shoots.The Chinese eat it only in the second half of the lunar month - they believe that the way it improves health, strengthens male potency, and besides all this, protects people from misfortune.

On the second serves usually sobachatiny kebab with vegetables and ginger wrapped in lettuce leaves.Cases where the dishes from the internal organs, the brain or the genitals dogs were listed on the menu - most likely, only horror stories invented to frighten impressionable tourists.Under the influence of cuisines of these countries sobachatiny dishes you can try, for example, in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and even in the Russian Far East (in the latter case they pritorgovyvayut under the counter).

little history The excavations of ancient cities in Asia among the shards of kitchen utensils are often found the bones of dogs, rather than cows and other domestic animals.Four-legged friend Europeans considered Asians, primarily as a source of affordable and healthy meat.Firstly, it is satisfying, and this fact was decisive for the Asians.After all, they lived from hand to mouth almost to the middle of the XX century.The meat on their table appears only in the case of a great holiday.Second, dog meat, according to the Asians, is Perfect cure for tuberculosis.

In South Korea, there are still special fodder breeds of dogs;They feed off them, as well as cows or pigs.They are small and with red hair.In ancient times dogs were beaten to death with sticks before the cook - it was thought that this meat is soaked in blood, it will be softer and tastier.Today, in our "humane" age, they are killed by electricity, and this method is also difficult to name painless.

According to one version, the Koreans started using sobachatiny during the Korean-Japanese War at the end of the XVI century, and certainly not a good life.People had to catch stray mongrels, so as not to starve themselves and feed their families.

Not only Eastern peoples were seen in eating sobachatiny.Polynesians and America at the time were also not averse to taste the meat of four-legged friends.Known fact that the meat of dogs fed a short time colonists from Europe who participated in the conquest of the New World, but after that they domesticated other animals that inhabited the South America.

Nowadays, dogs are more fortunate: how and what to eat dog meat, known mainly the older generation of Asians.Young people who grew up under American and European influence, became shy feast on human flesh friends.