How to install Windows XP from a USB drive ?

How to install Windows XP from a USB drive ?

Need to install Windows XP from a USB drive usually occurs in the case of failure of the drive or in the absence of such a principle in, for example, laptop or netbook.Also, instead of the stick, you can use a memory card larger than 1 gigabyte.

So, in order to install Windows from a flash drive or memory card is successful - we have to have more than 1 GB USB flash drive.

Let's go step by step installation:

Recording on a USB flash drive software obespcheniya Windows XP:

  • First we need to download a package of tools to install Windows XP from a USB drive.Download these utilities can be from our site utilities.rar (1,6 MB)
  • After the installation package is found, it is necessary to download to disk D :.Run the file and extract the files in the current folder.As a result, the D drive folder will be D: / Flash /
  • Open the folder.Inside the folder, see "usb_prep8", in which you must run the file "usb_prep8. Cmd"
  • You will have a black box in which you need to press any key.(Not close this window)

Then, run a utility that will help to properly format your USB flash drive.

expose all the values ​​of this tool so:

  • Device - here select the flash drive you want to format the
  • File system - FAT 32
  • Volume label - skip
  • Format options - put a checkmark in "Create a DOS startup disk"and below "using DOS system files located at:" and set the path to the folder containing the boot files, ie D: \ Flash \ usb_prep8 \ w98se
  1. you appears HPUSBFW, where we click "Ok" and close the utility.
  2. Next in the command line you need to write a string that contains the following information "D: \ Flash \ bootsect \ BootSect exe / nt52 g:." Note that "g" - is the name of our flash drives.A window that must be closed.
  3. turn to the black box, which appeared at the beginning of the preparation of the stick.In the last line, enter the digit 1. This means that an offer of options, we chose the first.A window appears in which you want to select a folder or a drive with Windows XP distribution and click "OK".This folder is located in the Flash folder.
  4. again turn to the black window and type the number 3. We are interested in the third option.
  5. Next, enter the letter of our flesh, that is, g.
  6. again to enter numbers - at this time - 4. The issue of the stick is formatted, you want to answer "yes", that is, print the letter Y. Now we need to wait, and then press any key.Again we wait - the installation files are copied to the virtual disk.Again, we press any key and wait.
  7. Next, a screen appears that asks us for permission to copy the files on our stick.The answer "Yes".It starts up the installation files to a USB flash drive.
  8. window appears where you have to answer "Yes", then the second window appears, asking about how to disable the virtual disk.Our answer - "yes."
  9. Then press any key a few times and the flash drive from the Windows XP distribution is ready for operation.

And now, our main question:

How to install Windows XP from a USB drive?

Remember that to install Windows from a flash card is different from the installation disc, and in any case, do not remove the flash drive or memory card from the computer during the installation process.

  1. When you turn on your computer, from the menu, choose the boot Windows from a flash drive.
  2. After the computer booted up, a black screen appears, on which the two options displayed.You must select TXT Mode Setup Windows XP and press Enter.After that, begin the Typical installation Windows XP.After the computer performs all the necessary operations - it will restart.
  3. begin again to boot from flash, followed by a black screen appears with two options.Select the option GUI Mode Setup Windows XP.
  4. After downloading again, select TXT Mode Setup Windows XP, otherwise the error with the hall appears.dll
  5. need to improve boot file to be completely happy.ini.
  6. To do this, open Disk C :, and in the address bar (the one that under the panel "File", "Edit", etc.) enter the boot.ini and press Enter.
  7. Opens the notebook.Within the need to replace the entry "disk (1)" on the record "disk (0)".

Now Windows XP installation is complete.