How to take birth in a dog ?

How to take birth in a dog ?

little more and your dog will become a mother.Do I need your help in childbirth it?Definitely - yes.How to take birth in a dog?

Preparation for childbirth

dogs, just in case, we recall that dogs pregnancy lasts 62-66 days, so early as the 60th day, try for a long time not to leave the dog alone.

Forerunners of birth:

  • For 24-32 hours 1-1,5 ° C temperature decreases in direct dog intestine (remember, normal temperature - 38-39 ° C).
  • bitch begins to breathe heavily, worry looks for a quiet place for a lair.
  • About signaled the onset of labor and allocation of liquid dark mucus from the genitals.

Be on the lookout: still a few hours before the onset of labor.Prepare a place for a dog giving birth.This can be a cardboard box with a large area and low bumpers.Spread to any soft tissue."Maternity Ward" better to prepare in advance, so that the dog has had time to get used to it.Prepare a soft clean cloth and sharp scissors.Close to the box with his mother, place a small box for puppies.It certainly should be warm!

Home delivery

And so the cervix is ​​fully revealed, the first fruit comes out of its cavity, the abdominal muscles (the birth canal) are reduced - start attempts, finally expelling the fetus.The puppy is born in the bladder (fetal membrane), which his mother may break itself, but this can not be done.Then she needed help.

Childbirth can last from one hour to two days.Almost one third of the birth of the puppies is characterized by the rear legs forward, despite the fact that similar (pelvic) their location is not considered a pathology.One by one the puppies are born at intervals of 30 minutes - a few hours.

dog Help in childbirth

After the appearance of the fruit light must first break the membranes, and only then proceed to pererezyvaniyu cord.This is done at a distance of 2-3 cm. From tummy puppy.After the final extraction of puppy fetal membrane and release of cord wipe it with a cloth and get to perform the first breath.This should be done quickly because otherwise it risks choking the puppy.Do not worry if you have to self-open his mouth and tilt down to his mouth poured generic liquid.Next, stir and shake the baby, causing him to inhale air.

breathing puppy to bring your dog's chest and make sure it is at least a little sucked mother's milk.The first-born will be heavier than the other, because the nipples still hard and not resolved, but you can not leave hungry baby.This point will be important not only for the puppy, but also for the mother dog as stimulate a woman in travail.In the same stimulus will be a small piece of chocolate.In no case do not give the dog a lot of chocolate - it hurt her!After five to ten minutes puppy taken away from his mother and placed in a warm "child" box.To mother was calm, a box must be in front of her eyes.

All of the above manipulation to be done with each of the newborns.It is important that after each puppy's birth canal left the last.Leaving at least one within the last dog of the body, you provoke him rot, which can end in the death of the animal.If during the day, all subsequent will not go out, contact your veterinarian immediately.

dog care after birth

After the birth and change the litter in the "maternity ward" and transplant to the puppies.From this point on their care mother should take.The latter, for what you need to track - goes to whether each of the newborns enough milk.