Where can I download the book for free?

Where can I download the book for free?

In addition to your favorite music and movies, the book can be downloaded from the Web.At the moment, there are various sites, so-called electronic libraries, where many books are stored in electronic form.

sites where you can download the book for free

We present information about how you can download free books in the three most popular and most visited digital libraries Runet:

Library Maxim Moshkova

Maxim Moshkova Library is one of the oldest and well-known librariesRuNet.Its base is in November 1994, and is the author Maxim Moshkov.It replenishes through the efforts of Internet users themselves, the authors of the works, which is loaded into an electronic library of digitized books.Do not be surprised unusual design of the site, it has not changed since 1994 and, by the way, is not going to change.Click on the book in the digital library, you can read it directly from the display, or save to your computer in txt format.

Library "Aldebaran"

Aldebaran Library until 2007, was considered the best electronic library in RuNet.Due to the necessity to observe the copyrights to the works, as well as thanks to the new commercial policy (many banner ads), many of the previously available books became impossible to download and read from the monitor.Such books online offer to buy.But despite this, in the library "Aldebaran" still can free download various artistic, educational, technical and non-fiction books.If you are interested in a particular product, it is possible that this is where you have downloaded it and.And if you want to read something for the soul and pleasure, then in the right menu of the site will be able to choose one of the most popular books and also download it for free.

library "Aldebaran" users are able to download free books in three formats (rb, rtf. Zip, fb2. Zip) and read them directly from the monitor.So, how to download free e-books with the "Aldebaran" library?Once you have found the desired product, click on its name left mouse button.Under the cover of the book image you would see a "Download the book:".Choose any format and click on it:

  • to read a book in a plain text document, download it in rtf format.zip.
  • If you have a special "program-reader", choose the format fb2.zip.
  • And if anyone still uses gadgets Rocket eBook and REB, then you will rb format.


Hall Coffee Lounge - an electronic resource that enables users to read the thick Russian literary and humanities journals that go in our country and abroad.The coffee hall have their own pages so thick magazines like "UFO", "Friendship of Peoples", "Standard", "Foreign Literature", "New Youth" and so on.readers will also have the opportunity to read magazines that are not included in the library.

Where to download books for free

Of course, there are many other good digital library on the Internet.Download free books from there you can in a similar way.And if you need a particular book, just enter the name of the author and in any search engine.You will be prompted to download it directly or through file sharing.Using sharing, the user will need to wait a few seconds to get a reference, in addition, the possibility of downloading time limited (for example, a book available for download times in 20 minutes).

In what format to download books

  • In order to read books with a text editor, download books in formats txt, rtf, doc.
  • If you use only "programs-reader" fit fb2 format.
  • Pdf books open across the Adobe Reader program.It is a combination of text with vector and raster graphics.
  • DjVu, you can read scanned books.The files are opened by a handy applets Foxit Reader.