As a dog give birth ?

As a dog give birth ?

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Like dogs give birth?

Everyone knows that the best and most faithful friend of man - is, of course, the dog.However, setting the stage for a pet, you need to be aware of the responsibility that rests on you.Now you have to take care of it, feed, walk, vaccinate, etc.Let us in this article, we explain a few important moments from the life of dogs, or rather, the dogs give birth, how many times it happens in a year and how to behave during childbirth.

First of all, you need to understand that your dog is pregnant.And it's not easy.Only a month you will be able to say whether your favorite is pregnant.Inspect the abdomen.If it is enlarged and palpable enlarged uterus, you all right, bitch pregnant.After a month of pregnancy in dogs occur:

  1. expansion of the chest,
  2. Increase stomach,
  3. It will be balanced and calm,
  4. increase mammary glands,
  5. increase halos around the nipple.

course of pregnancy, preparation for childbirth

Let's analyze exactly, how many dogs give birth.Pregnancy in dogs last from 56 to 72 days.In the first week you will not notice any changes, but at 22 weeks, if you're not new to this business, you will be able to test the young puppies.On day 50 puppies begin to stir and freeze before delivery.

For seven days before giving birth, prepare a place where your dog will give birth.It is better if this box.Show dog this place.Spread on bottom of the box clean and warm, the folded sheet.The average duration of labor from three to twenty-four hours.Before birth, even quiet early dogs can lose control of himself.They become nervous, whining, scratching the coverings, groan, and so. D. Five days before the onset of labor, the dog sagging back and lowered the uterus.In recent weeks increased sexual characteristics in dogs.A few hours before labor contractions, the vagina swells and begins to secrete mucus.


delivery process begins with a barely noticeable reductions matki- fights.

  • dog begins to show concern.
  • birth canal expanded.
  • interval between the first contractions may reach several hours.
  • The dog comes out of the vagina mucous plug.
  • Contractions are gaining momentum, and the intervals between them is significantly reduced.
  • Abdomen tense and become lumpy.
  • To join struggles attempts.Dog tries to find a comfortable position.
  • uterus contract and gradually push the puppy out of the vagina.
  • puppy born in the shell.Gently tear the skin and wipe the puppy's dry and clean cloth.Then, pull the cord and give the bitch to give birth to the placenta.
  • At a distance of one or two centimeters from puppy squeeze the fingers and cut the umbilical cord with sterile scissors.
  • dog should lick your puppy, thereby stimulating its circulation and respiration.
  • Put a separate box of puppies on a dry and clean sheet, under which there is a warm hot-water bottle.
  • Make sure that all the puppies out and placenta.You see, there is nothing wrong in how dogs give birth.Video on this subject will be useful to you as well.

should know that oestrus in females can be observed twice a year, but this does not mean that you need to knit her favorite every time.For health safely give birth once a year.This is to ensure that the body got stronger and recovered.If the dog moves away badly after undergoing pregnancy or childbirth, it can be fed her food containing vitamins and minerals, as well as more often to walk in the fresh air.Now you know exactly how and how much the dog gives birth once a year.In addition, the information will help you to recognize the beginning of pregnancy and childbirth.Now you can help your loved pet produce offspring.Despite the fact that animals have developed great instincts, they need assistance in childbirth is not less than the people.And at such a moment they did not rely on anyone except his beloved master.