As the dog die ?

As the dog die ?

Like the man, the dog grows old and dies.This is a difficult period for the owner, but you must accept it.The main thing is not to force the animal to suffer.Do not scoff, artificially maintaining the life of the various drugs.But how do you know how the dog die?What are the signs, symptoms, and what can be said that the pet is not long?

Causes of death

first - it's age.If the dog lives with you for a long time, you need to be prepared that the animal may die.The fact that the average life of the dog 14 reaches.But there are pets that can live up to 17 or more.It depends on the dog's breed.Some, such as pugs and English bulldogs, and are rarely able to live up to 7 years.

But if the reason lies not in the old dog, you need to think of what could be dying animal more.This can be a trauma that a pet has received in a fight with another dog, or congenital disease, defect.Pray to be the cause of death and more serious illness, such as incurable cancer or infection.

Anxiety symptoms

  • If a dog is injured, had an accident, he could leave to die outside the home.Dogs do not want to show the owner how they feel bad.Only in this case it is possible not to notice symptoms.
  • If your animal has been quite active, but sharply declined to go for a walk or play, maybe this is the reason to worry.It is necessary to consult a veterinarian, get tested and undergo ultrasound.When the dog is bad, she is trying to hide in the distant and quiet dark place.Constantly lying, whining.Maybe a few days did not get up.
  • Just the dog may refuse to eat.If this occurs and lasts more than 4-5 days, note, because this is a clear symptom of a serious disease.It is a cancer manifests itself in the refusal of the dog food.Another symptom of this disease is constant vomiting.It is necessary to go to the clinic, it would be an animal was released antiemetic tablets.Sometimes, the dog must be put down, because it suffers.Periodic vomiting in the dog can talk about infection or poisoning.If a few days the animal has no appetite, vomit, it constantly lies and refuses to walk, maybe someone poisoned the dog.Just poisoning appears in animal bloating, pain.If you're stroked the belly pet, and he whined and shivered, it is clearly concerned about pain.It is necessary to wash the animal, type diet and vitamins.
  • alarming symptom may be a high fever.Dry and hot dog nose - the first signs.The dog is exposed to the same diseases as humans.Until diabetes.The disease manifests itself in a constant excessive drinking, shivering in their paws.Pet hard to sit or stand.It may worsen vision.

Question: how do you know that a dog dies, alarmed many owners pets.The slightest change in the behavior and habits, these are the main symptoms.It can change the appearance.When a viral infection, can fade and fall coat.If time does not take medication the dog, he may die.

signs of death, may be loss of consciousness, if it occurs regularly, with convulsions.If you notice that the dog rolled his eyes, trembling in the limbs, it is necessary to lead the animal to the vet immediately!

signs of a lot, but to prevent the death, please contact the veterinary clinic about once every three months.Spend prevention vitamins, pills for worms.But only with the recommendation of a veterinarian.And then the pet will give you a much more joyful time spent there.