How to walk a cat ?

How to walk a cat ?

You have home lives a cat - sweet and gentle creature.However, when it comes to the instinct of procreation, your cute animal simply becomes impossible.After all, the instinct of reproduction is one of the most powerful feline.Each cat instinctively seeks to continue the race and become a mother.How to walk the cat and what it is expressed?This is what we will talk today.

In how many cats begin to walk

Cats puberty begins about five to six months.In cats it occurs a little later - in the seven or eight months.However, sexual activity in most cats and dogs seen later.When cats start to walk it depends on various factors: the conditions of detention, rocks, climate, and many other conditions.Maturity in cats and dogs comes much earlier than ending the development and growth of the animal.Often cats become physically and sexually mature only fifteen months.

How many days the cat walks

estrus in most cats occurs twice a year, however, some members of the cat family that happens much more frequently.Sometimes once per month.estrus period can range from three days to a week or two.However, the ability is retained to the knitting just two to four days.

If cats were kittens and she feeds them, the next estrus in cats occurs after three to four weeks after weaning.Often, estrus in cats is in early spring or early fall in June.In the first year of life and a cat after the animal has reached the age of seven, estrus in cats occurs irregularly.If you plan to have kittens, you should know that knit cat in each chute should not be.This is very bad for her body.Since late pregnancy should undergo at least a year to an animal quite recovered and strengthened before the next pregnancy.

Understand that Kosha wants to walk is not difficult.This is primarily evident in the behavior of your pet, as well as swelling on the genitals of the animal.animal habits are changing significantly.The cat rubs on the corners of furniture and apartments, purrs, meows loudly and invitingly, rises to the top of the tail and squat.From the genitals appear transparent allocation.However, it is difficult to see them as a cat constantly licking them.

kittens What is a cat

The average cat at lambing can bring up to six kittens.This number is optimal for cats and is calculated by the unwritten rule (number of teats or minus two).However, this figure is not accurate.The number of kittens in the same litter can be either more or less than six.There are some factors that affect the amount of your cat progeny.

  • first - this is the age of the animal.If your cat is young and has not previously given birth, it is often the first pregnancy she may have from one to four kittens.Experienced and adult cat is able to produce a six to twelve pieces.
  • second - a state of health of the animal.If the body is weakened or cat does not receive adequate nutrition, then this cat is not able to carry and give birth to a healthy and numerous offspring.Number of cats in an animal is often no more than three or four pieces.
  • third - is heredity.If your cat was born in the prolific droppings, her chances of having a significantly increased number of offspring.