What is amphetamine ?

What is amphetamine ?

frequently used medications, which in turn often cause dependence for the treatment of certain diseases.On the one hand, a person recovers from the initial illness, acquiring new, which changes not only the physical and chemical parameters of the body, but also the personality: behavior, consciousness and human activity.These results were obtained from the use of amphetamines to treat various diseases.What are these substances, what their pharmacological properties, and what is their application, you will learn from this article.The article is for informational purposes only, we do not call for the acceptance of such substances.

What is amphetamine: definition

As mentioned earlier, amphetamines have proved treacherous, when at the beginning of the XX century were used for pharmaceutical use in the treatment of asthma and rhinitis, and subsequently of such mental disorders like narcolepsy, Parkinson's disease anddepression.At the moment, referring to the amphetamines, have in mind a class of substances, which includes amphetamine and its derivatives, among which the most frequently used drugs are MDA, DOB, ecstasy.Amphetamine - a chemical compound (salt or base), is a synthetic derivative of fenilalkilamina.

Pharmacological properties

main pharmacological properties of amphetamine-group substances expressed in the likeness of the stimulating action of the body's natural hormones - epinephrine and norepinephrine, are inherently antagonistic.If the action of adrenaline leads to vasoconstriction, increased blood pressure, improves the patency of the bronchi, increases the level of glucose in the blood, has the effect of allergen, it is not difficult to guess what the action of norepinephrine and, accordingly, its narcotic analogs.Thus, amphetamines are powerful stimulants of the central nervous system.

use of amphetamines

Historically, as noted earlier, amphetamines have been used in medicine.Opening their stimulating aphrodisiac effect, scientists have begun experiments in the application in the struggle to stay awake.In practice, the first time it took place during the Second World War.Next amphetamines moved in psychotherapeutic practice.Just in time for this event has been dated, published in the US "Controlled Substances Act" in 1970.To date, the use of amphetamine reached its peak in terms of addiction.For example, only in our country, this kind of dependence is one of the places in the top three in the number of incidents.This is due to the fact that this type stimulants is relatively inexpensive and are guaranteed to quickly give such desired "positive" effects, such as hallucinations, good spirits, and others.

despite getting positive emotions and feelings, we must not forget that the amphetamine drug is leading to serious consequences for human health.

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