Where to download backing tracks ?

Where to download backing tracks ?

Our today's article is devoted to the resources where you can download songs backing tracks.As is known, modern Internet provides users with all sorts of music for all, the most sophisticated taste.We will touch on a very special sphere of dissemination of musical compositions which add popularity to their creators.Let's talk about where you can free download backing tracks.So:

Where to download backing tracks?

Well before you begin downloading, you need to deal with what is minus one, and how to use it.Minus the track - this is music without voices.For example, there is the legendary song Alla Pugacheva called "Harlequin".To create backing tracks, sound deletes the voice recording of the Russian pop diva and leaves only the instrumental part of the track.Thus, the composition and disadvantages appear.It should be noted that the quality really negative track can be created only with the project record tracks.However, today there are technologies that allow the sound engineer to delete voice recording without much loss of quality of the track as a whole.

little about the kinds of backing tracks and about where to download free backing.

  • original track with vocal soloist retracted.This type of backing creates the same record company, which is engaged in the development track of the artist.Such compositions are very difficult to obtain, because their production is rarely involved.
  • recreated music track without voice singer.This minus can create yourself if you are able and experienced musician, performer and sound designer.This combination in humans is rare, so you can contact the staff of any recording studio for the creation of such a composition.Perhaps they can help you.
  • "Flush" track.The essence of this method consists in creating a backing that processes the sound source and the composition, however, hides voice via removing its frequency in the general content of the composition.

Well, now let's see if you can download the backing tracks for free.

Since the creation of backing tracks - is intellectual work, many sites offer to download them for money.How to be in this situation?Where to find free backing tracks?

http: // b-track.ru - site, where to download the backing tracks of songs absolutely free.This provides users with easy to use search engine.You can also use the alphabetical index and search the desired song by using this filter.

http: // uroki-vokala.ru - here's where you can download the backing tracks.True, this service offers download backing tracks slightly unusual way.Go on a link that allows you to download music.Click on the link on the right mouse button and select "Save Link As ..." This will bring up a dialog box where you can choose where to save the selected song.After all the teams will start the download of the track.

Well resource that is sure to help you find what you are so necessary and will answer the question, where to download the backing tracks of songs for free, it is - http: // rutracker.org This is the well-known Russian torrent resource.To download a file that is stored on the tracker, you will need to pass a free and quick registration.Do not forget to download the program to work with torrent files and inspect the site rules and the rules of working with the materials submitted to it.Use the search engine to find the desired song, and start downloading.

now, we hope you find what you were looking for, and you know where you can download minus one song.Minus one, as we have already mentioned - is the intellectual work that requires time, knowledge and skills.Do not apply to those who create a good backing, as people trying to make money out of thin air.Indeed qualitatively by freezing tracks - it's a great job, requiring reward and recognition.You want a good minus?Pay for it!