As cats mate ?

As cats mate ?

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As cats mate?

Some people never saw the mate of their cat, "walking on their own."They came to mind the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčsterilizing cats, but just never got around.And once they notice that their cat is pregnant.It should wonder how cats mate.


onset of puberty in the cat family depends on breed and feeding conditions.In the usual case, the first signs of sexual maturation appear in kittens 7-9 months, these young animals pairing is not recommended, becauseit may suspend the development of the young animal and can cause a reduction of the period of fertility in cats and in cats infertility.For these reasons, it is recommended to pair the animals one year of age.Now look at how cats mating occurs.

mating cats

How to introduce the animals to each other?It all depends on the situation.Best of all - in a separate room to place a container with a cat.That she could go out and explore the surrounding conditions, the container door left open for her.Once she gets used to it, you can run the cat, so they met.

  • Concerned cat can allow the cat to approach her, bury her in the snout, lick its face and examine the genital area.Preliminary advances increase sexual arousal.Mature cat it is enough to take a position for mating, pressed to the ground, it raises the pelvis and removes the tail to the side.Photos like cats mating can be found on the Internet.
  • happens is that the cat did not show interest to a partner, in this case, she will not admit to his cat.A cat, if you can not "convince" the cat, so she took the pose for mating, will behave aggressively.In such cases it is necessary to isolate animals from each other.If intercourse is accompanied by pain in the future may discourage mate.
  • If all goes well, the cat receives the proper posture, back up to her and grabs the cat cat paws for the sides.Then he grabs her by the scruff of the neck and teeth grips her hair, while the hind legs touches.Multiple active thrusts and he introduces the penis in the vagina, ejaculation occurs within 5-15 seconds.At this point, the cat emits a shrill cry, and not a cat purrs loudly.
  • When there is a rapid farewell cat bounces to the side, and the cat tends to hit it with his paw.Such behavior of cats is because during insertion of the penis, he has numerous roughness which causes possibly painful severe irritation of the vagina.This stimulation is required for activation of ovulations a cat, coming after 24 hours of coverage.
  • Best of all, if there will be re-pairing.Becauseovulation after the first coat is no need to at least a few pairings.Most often, the cat leaves the cat's away for three days.
  • It is essential that the owner of the cat watching the pairing.After a fight between animals not excluded.The owner, if possible, should be located close to or in a timely manner to help separate the animals.

Now you know how it happens, is also on the Internet you can find videos like mating cats.