How to determine the cat pregnancy ?

How to determine the cat pregnancy ?

When growing up in the cat begins puberty and she just want a cat.Many owners of cats mating arrange for them to subsequently brought a cat breed.

Symptoms of pregnancy in cats become visible only after 3 weeks.During the first 3 weeks cat behavior is not changed.The total duration of pregnancy of 65 days (about nine weeks).

3-4 week

  • The cat swollen nipples.Nipples pink.This feature is especially noticeable in cats who are pregnant for the first time.
  • On the third or fourth week of the cat comes toxicosis.Cat starts vomiting.

5 weeks

  • In the fifth week, it is impossible not to notice how a cat is rapidly gaining weight.The feeling of appetite increases dramatically.
  • Embryos can be felt with gentle pressing on the abdomen.

6 week

  • from six weeks in the body is produced cat milk.nipple size increases, and they become very noticeable.
  • Stomach cat becoming a lot more, becausedevelopment of the embryo starts to happen very quickly.

7 week

  • can feel the stirring and kittens find their heads.Just do not feel very strongly, asThis can lead to premature abortion in cats.
  • Cat anxiously seek solitude.

8-9 week

  • Breasts grow and nipples begin to act.
  • Activity cats minimized.
  • Near the vulva may notice a white discharge.

Pregnant cat sleeping much more than usual.

behavior of cats varies greatly.It becomes an affectionate, gentle, friendly and relaxed.Pregnant cats spend all their time in a cozy and protected place, they stop going out.

during pregnancy are much more likely the cat goes to the toilet, because the kittens increase intrauterine pressure in cats.

If you determine that your cat is pregnant, be sure to know just in case the phone veterinarian.After all, if the cat's pregnancy goes wrong, the doctor will always be able to come and see the animals.Most often, the services of a veterinarian need not, but it is always better to err.

Upon detection of a pregnant cat's lack of appetite more than a day, weakness, heat and odor from the vagina, you should immediately seek help from a veterinarian.