How to drink whiskey ?

How to drink whiskey ?

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How to drink whiskey?

What we know about whiskey?This is a strong alcoholic drink, tart, full-bodied and aromatic.Favorite drink the legendary James Bond and starry Hollywood in general.It is drunk by the actors on the screen and in life, his politics, and drink the first person in the country, his drink all over the world, and the Russians in particular.However, whiskey - relatively new to our kind of alcoholic beverages, and not many people know how to properly drink.Some learn from Hollywood films, other bartenders in the club, and some do not learn, and drink it as it is necessary.

So how to drink whiskey?Can it interfere with cola?And a way to beverage consumption depends on the price and brand.Here is the answers to the most common questions beginners and not only the lovers of the Scottish drink.

How to drink whiskey: Highlights

for whiskey are two types of glasses used: tulip, if you want to appreciate the color, aroma and taste of the drink, and wide glasses with a thick bottom - to mix whiskey with cola, ice and other ingredients.

whiskey temperature should be 18-21 °, it is at such a temperature as possible is disclosed aroma and mild flavor of the beverage.At lower temperatures, the flavor is lost, high - taste of suffering: the drink becomes more rigid and sturdy.

How to drink Scotch whiskey Scottish tradition

Scotch whiskey at home drinking water traditionally.Moreover, a glass of whiskey is served exclusively in conjunction with a glass of water more often than usual, but it is possible and soda.Thus, everyone mixes a drink, according to their own taste.Typically, water makes up half or a third of the total volume of beverage.However, an expensive and high-quality whiskey, such as Jim Beam, even the Scots prefer with nothing to mix and drink in the pure form.

Drink whiskey properly: Tips

sommelier Sommelier from around the world are advised to drink whiskey exclusively separately without mixing it with no ice or soda, or, especially, with cola.Moreover, experts advise to consume alcohol within 2-3 hours after eating, and in any case not a bite of whiskey because the food would kill all the flavor and aroma of expensive drink.

However, this rule applies mainly to the high-quality Scotch whiskey made from natural barley malt.American, Canadian and other whiskeys are allowed, and sometimes it is recommended to mix with other ingredients.The thing is that for the manufacture of whiskey in these countries mainly use corn grits, which gives the drink a specific flavor nuance, which is interrupted by well-cola or juice.However, this shade of difference is only true gourmet.

How to drink whiskey with cola

Whiskey and Coke is very popular drink in America, Canada and Europe, and more recently in Russia.That is traditionally served whiskey in nightclubs and bars, just so many and used to see him.Despite the fact that the recipe for this cocktail is very intuitive to everyone, how to drink whiskey with cola know not all.

For a start it is worth noting that the whiskey connoisseurs recommend using for this cocktail is not the most expensive and high-quality whiskeys.For these purposes fit blended drinks under the age of 3 years.The proportions depend on the desired level of strength and is 1: 1 or 2: 1 (cola / whiskey), a higher content of cola completely eliminate the taste and aroma of precious beverage, and thus nullify the entire idea.

How to drink whiskey and soda or water

correctly to drink whiskey - with natural or slightly carbonated water, the total content of which does not exceed the third part from the whiskey.Serve with water and whiskey must be separately in different glasses, giving everyone an opportunity to mix drinks for optimal taste and cocktail fortress.That's what they drink whiskey in Scotland and England.

How to drink whiskey and What cocktail recipes

The easiest and most common recipe - a whiskey on the rocks.In this case the ice should occupy 2/3 of the glass, and whiskey barely cover the ice itself.In the process of melting ice the taste of whiskey becomes softer and more pleasant.

Another traditional recipe is Whisky Toddy - a hot cocktail.The hot tea or hot water is added whiskey to taste and a teaspoon of honey and fresh lemon juice.This cocktail is not just warms and relaxes, but is a preventive measure against colds.

There are many long drinks recipes based on whiskey, such as whiskey, apple or cranberry juice (1 to 2) and ice.With whiskey as well with lemon, pomegranate and orange juice in different proportions, schnapps or not very sweet lemonade.In such good cocktails complements the flavor gamut ice, lemon and a sprig of mint.

addition, whiskey can be added to coffee.So, very popular all over the world enjoy Irish Coffee, which the Irish are advised to prepare exclusively of Irish whiskey and natural insoluble coffee.

How to drink whiskey Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels - American whiskey that has a rich aroma and smooth taste with hints of smoke.Large whiskey lovers prefer to drink this brand Jack Daniels apart from all the rest can recommend cocktails based on lemon or apple juice and ice.

How to drink whiskey White Horse

White Horse - Blended Scotch whiskey with a pronounced flavor and tart sweet taste.Despite the fact that he is one of the most affordable and popular in Russia, how to drink whiskey White Horse few know.

Sami Scots recommended to drink this brand of whiskey, diluting it with natural or slightly carbonated water, the Europeans drink it mostly with ice.True connoisseurs of whiskey recommend not to spoil the soft and rich taste of whiskey other beverages, drink it slowly and enjoying the bouquet of taste and aroma of the drink Scotch.

How to drink whiskey Jameson

Jameson - Irish whiskey with more than 200 years of history, called one of the best in the world.Manufactured from selected barley malt, the last triple distillation and aged at least 6 years in casks of sherry, whiskey becomes mellow taste and rich aroma, which do not spoil the ice, soda or cola.Just add 35-50 grams of whiskey Jameson room temperature, rate it an amber color and flavor and in small sips slowly and drink it in the good company of friends or relatives.Exactly drink Jameson in Ireland.That's how it is drunk in Russia.

How to drink whiskey Red Label

Johnnie Walker Red Label - the easiest and most affordable sort of blended Scotch whiskey, but at the same time, the most widespread in Russia.It is made from 35 varieties of whiskey and kept no more than 3-5 years, and because it has a tart flavor and tough.Those who do not know how to drink Red Label whiskey, experts advise to mix it with cola, ice or chilled fruit juices (apple, cherry, cranberry, and others.), As well as use in a variety of cocktails.

Those who are acquainted with the Scottish drink, do not drink Red Label in its pure form, not to spoil the overall impression of the drink.It is better to try a higher grade of Johnnie Walker - Black Label, which has a mild taste and multifaceted pronounced fruity aroma.But true connoisseurs will appreciate Green, Gold and Blue Label - elite whiskeys, especially if will not spoil the unsurpassed taste of whiskey juice, cola and even ice.