What is xenophobia ?

What is xenophobia ?

intricate words come into our lives.And it is with the word "phobia" know exactly many.It means fear or fear of something or someone.And in conjunction with any more words, you can specifically find out what's wrong.

So, what is xenophobia?Translated from the Greek (xenos) means - "alien".In other words, this obsessive fear and rejection of others or unknown persons actions.And time is not clear, so hostile.And if this understanding will enter into the consciousness of man, it may cause hostility, ranging from national or religious - to social division.

How does this "fear" looks

If viewed from the perspective of biology, then it can be called self-preservation instinct.Which helps to protect themselves and their kind of "alien" elements.And this applies not only to protect against predators, but also from individuals outside the clan or family.Thus, xenophobia - is the protection and preservation of life.

person is considered "reasonable" being, in contrast to many other animals.But if we pay more explicit attention to it, we shall see all these signs in their (human).When a child is born, whom he sees as a rule, unconditionally?That's right - his mother.If dad was standing next to his mother, he will be the second, who will take the child.And grandparents, and even more aunts and uncles far in the background.But to strangers for a long time the child will be treated with suspicion.

What is xenophobia in the modern world

Xenophobia often equated with nationalism, but it is not so.People who hold nationalist views do not necessarily feel hostile feelings towards other nations or religions.

Because people have little interest in the life and customs of the other, hence there are assumptions about the barbaric manners, from their perspective, such mood can be maintained deliberately, for example, to incite hatred between groups of individuals or whole nations.

In everything should be common sense.In any aspect of life should be understanding.And less we 'phobias', as if they did not sound nice.