How to take birth in a cat ?

How to take birth in a cat ?

The question is how to help the cat in childbirth care of all your loving pet owners.The first thing that you need to take long before birth, is to create a nest for cats and certainly accustom her to him.

place that you have chosen to nest should be warm and quiet, no crowds and drafts.Free access for the animal have to be the food and clean water.Adopt a cat's birth, you can own, but there is always should be:

  • phone Veterinary clock ambulance,
  • clean scissors,
  • pipette,
  • sterile gloves,
  • little box for kittens with a heater,
  • thread,
  • petrolatum,
  • any antiseptic.

cat behavior before birth

cat behavior directly in the birth day will change dramatically, the animal is restless, rectal temperature will be slightly lower than the rate of approximately 32 degrees (normal 36.7).

stage of labor

  1. Home births can be calculated in several features - this blood separation and puffy vagina.The first stage will last from 12 hours to a whole day.At this time, it is best to stay close to the cat, supporting her emotionally, especially if it is her first child.The first stage will be followed by contractions.
  2. second stage - is directly born.Correct position kittens - head forward as well as in humans.If the fetus is moving forward hind legs, the pathology is not considered and it usually does not lead a no serious consequences.Mother herself peregryzet newborn umbilical cord and attach them to the chest.Subsequently, leaving behind a small kitten, cat eat instantly.
  3. third stage, the uterus is the state of mind in which, after a little break, labor will continue.If you do not detect any deviations from the above, the births are correct.

How to help a cat in childbirth?

learn how to take birth in a cat yourself, you can learn from this manual.Independently, you can do it, even if you: have already shown the first part of the fetus, but it can not be born for a long time, the cat is not released from the membranes of your kitten bubble for one minute.In the latter case you have to cut yourself a bubble, and then wrap the newborn in warm cloth.This is followed by body bent in an arc so that took out the chest to the knees, it must be repeated several times to the kitten could breathe on their own.Using a pipette free fetal airway.If, after these steps, the kitten has not yet started to breathe, make artificial respiration.The umbilical cord tie up a thread, cut from the belly and rub the cut with antiseptic.

Help experienced veterinarian will need in the event that childbirth your cat will not come after 70 days, when a cat appears high fever and she is in a fever, it begins to appear sharp unpleasant odor, the presence of labor and the lack of labor themselves.The first two days after the birth of kittens is not advisable to take the hands to avoid excitement mother-cats.