How to give birth to a cat ?

How to give birth to a cat ?

Pregnancy cat may occur during the period from 58 to 72 days.In most cases, how much giving birth to a cat, depending on the number of hatched breed kittens and cats.In quadrupeds with short hair or no pregnancy can occur at 10 days less than the long-haired breeds.Also gestation periods are reduced with the least amount of offspring.Progeny cats kittens less than 6.

As a cat goes into labor

Usually at the beginning of the birth animal is trying to find the most comfortable and quiet place, with rushes over the entire space.If you want to help her favorite, then get her tight cardboard box to put a soft cloth, and then the cat itself.This box must be removed in a warm and quiet place without a bright light and loud noise.

Very important is the question of how to give birth to cats.All this is accompanied by frequent urination and decrease in body temperature.Before you begin labor themselves, in the last hours of the cat flatly they refuse to eat.Contractions in the initial stage is very fast, usually lasting a few seconds.This can be understood from the behavior of the cat, it begins to make sounds and to show concern.At the same time from the vagina of an animal appears clear mucus - a stopper, which kept the mouth of the cervix.Also, the blood can act.

The average duration between contractions is less than 30 minutes.In some cases it is necessary to ask for help to the veterinarian if the cat fight last more than three hours, you do not receive a result.In some cases, the cat gives birth to kittens, assistance is not required, but most pets just need support.

process of childbirth a cat

have more cats childbirth lasted several hours, but it happens that they are tightened to 1.5 days.To the cat gave birth to kittens quickly and painlessly, enter 0.5 mL intramuscularly."Gamavita".It must be done as soon as the first signs of labor begin, namely the fight or cork waste.Thereafter, it will be easier not only cat and kittens.The cervix begins to disclosure within 3 hours after the first battles.At this time, the amniotic fluid and fetal bladder penetrate into the channel.When the bubble reaches the outlet, it is torn and water exit to the outside.

Then begins the process of the birth of kittens.The most important thing - that labor has begun no later than one hour after the discharge of water.The first kitten can be born is much longer than the others, but it is worth remembering that this time should not exceed 5 hours.If the passage of time the kitten is born, it is necessary once again to make a shot and call the vet.The appearance of progeny usually occurs at intervals of 15 minutes, regardless of how the cat gave birth of kittens.It is important to keep an eye on emerging kittens.It must be remembered that the cat should lick the kitten at birth, thus it stimulates his circulation and licks mucosa.If this does not happen, it is necessary to break with his own film and using a syringe to suck the mucus from the nose and mouth.Also it is necessary to tie the umbilical cord, it would require a string that is wrapped at a distance of 3-4 cm from the stomach, and treated with a solution of propolis (5%).Most cats do bite off the umbilical cord.

How to help the newly born kitten

happens is that the cat, still in the mucosa, makes the first breath, thereby falls into his lungs fluid, and he chokes.In such situations, you can quickly enter the injection of "Gamavita" for a small animal a dose of 0.1 ml., And administered intramuscularly.You can also try to remove the mucus and a little shake the animal.To do this, you must lower it upside down and gently press down on the chest.In conjunction with this procedure do artificial respiration.However, it is not necessary to continue the process for more than three minutes.

Another method of resuscitation is a so-called pumping.With its use of a kitten wrapped in cloth and placed between his palms, his head on his index finger.Next you need to drastically lower the animal down, describing the arc hand, while not forgetting periodically to press the chest downward and to suck the mucus from the nose.This procedure is carried out before the onset of signs of life.

In order to more fully understand the whole process of birth, you can watch the video as give birth to cats, and holistically assess what is happening.