How to download videos from mail ru?

How to download videos from mail ru?

If for any reason you are not a happy owner of Mozilla Firefox web browser, then immediately fix situation without it we will not be able to download videos from video

  1. The latest version of this miracle we download here: Mozilla Firefox.Set.Read on.
  2. to video free download on your computer, you must install the extension NetVideoHunter Video Downloader.Go to the address: for Firefox, click on "Add to Firefox".Restart the browser plugin would be beneficial for health.
  3. And now we go to the actual site Video @ Mail.Ru and looking for videos of interest to us, the downloading of which we are going to do.
  4. must run the preview video.In the lower right corner of the flash plug-in indicator, click on it with the left mouse button.window "Net video hunter" will appear before us.The list of available download video note the amount of video.
  5. In order to download the video, click "Download".
  6. begin downloading video from the resource via integrated downloader Firefox.Works well and score the remaining time, it has correctly measured the amount of information downloaded.At any time you can pause the download (Pause) or even cancel it (Delete).
  7. download your video in the same format, in any and uploaded to the server - FLV.To learn how to open the FLV-files, you can read on our website.

You see, in order to download a video, no need to program.We lacked only the Mozilla Firefox browser and tiny additions - plug-Net video hunter Downloader.Quite compact, agree?It is difficult to disagree, because the browser with downloading and installing you will select no more than five minutes of precious time, plug-in download and install it - for about three minutes maximum.Thus, we learned how to download videos from for free, quickly and efficiently.Note: Firefox is distributed completely free!Do not fall for scams tricks that require money for this software, beware!

The only downside is the browser itself, as there are adherents of other programs.Unfortunately, the plug-ins for them, but there are Web services for downloading videos from hosts such as, for example.

VideoSaver - in my opinion, one of the most worthy service.I will not give the algorithm, since the authors videosaver very well painted it on the main page of your resource.Download video easy, especially with!