How to download videos from rutube?

How to download videos from rutube?

Until 2010, it was possible in several ways to save video from Rutube.However, now, the question is - how to download videos from rutube, once again, became very important.As the streaming video of the service is broadcast using RTMP.

Real Time Messaging Protocol (abbreviated as RTMP) - a protocol that allows you to view streaming Flash - video without downloading in the browser cache that significantly reduces the load on the web channels, and allows you to view streaming video at low internet speed the visitor.

In general, now how to download videos from Youtube service described on the internet, do not work with Rutube channel.The users had to search for new, and they, of course, have been found.

How to download videos from rutube manually

If you're on a page with a video file that you want to save, then, from the address bar, is important to us the character set after the sign "=" on the provided image is «ccd9bd977f5c1cb1c01820871633730d».This line gives us an opportunity to shape the end of the video address.To do this, you need to take the first four characters, put them in the beginning of the address bar, and put two more characters - a slash ( "/"), after the first two characters, and second.As a result, should get the first result of the address conversion.

To obtain the full address to download the video file, it remains only to put in the beginning of the road link «http: // »- this is a shared folder that stores all sources, and, at the end of the line, the expansion of the video.avi ».We'll get the final address for downloading.It must be copied into the address bar and press "Enter" and, after that, to begin your download.

To download file format.iflv, first you need to insert the original set of «http: // », and at the end of the extension.iflv », in order to get the link to download the file format.iflv.

Fans of Mozilla Firefox lucky a lot more for this browser plug-in designed specifically for downloading from Rutube.

How to download videos from rutube with the plugin Firefox

If you do not necessary plugin, then, to begin with, you must set a special custom scripts manager a Greasemonkey, which will enable us to establish a special script developed, namely, to download a video with Rutube.

Every time you go to a page with video files, the player to the left of the window, will appear a couple of links to download the current file.First download the source file and the other for iflv format.