What is placenta ?

placenta - a unique body that only appears during pregnancy in women.It is necessary to bind the two organisms - mother and child.Inside it is a huge amount of nutrients that the baby uses in the process of fetal development.So let's take a closer look at what the placenta.

What is placenta

If the pregnancy is normal, the placenta is formed inside the uterus on the front or the back.Fully formed, it is only to week 16 and after 20, an active exchange of vitamins through the placenta begins between the fetus and the mother.In the period from 22 to 36 per week, this body expands and by the end of pregnancy it matures.Externally, the placenta is reminiscent of an ordinary round and flat disc.During labor it is at least 500 grams, its diameter is about 16 cm and thickness 3.2 cm placenta consists of two surfaces:. Maternal and fruit, which is attached to the uterus.

placenta functions

Let's see what kind of functions can be performed placenta.First of all, it is done through the power of the fetus with oxygen and removes carbon dioxide from the womb.Also placenta and necessary in order to transport nutrients to the fetus for its development.It is also worth remembering that not only nutrients to the fetus receives.If a woman drinks alcohol or drugs, they also get into the fetus through the placenta.Similarly, using the fruit of the placenta gets rid of waste products.

following function of the placenta - is protective.Through this body the fetus receives the vitamins that protect its immunity against diseases.Also, transportation takes place through the placenta of maternal antibodies that protect the baby from infection.Also, the placenta synthesizes hormones and plays a different role glands that produce sweat.It is also necessary for proper development of the child in the stomach.

If delivery process is normal, the placenta is born after 10 minutes after the baby is born.It must necessarily go through morphological examination process in order to be completely sure that she was born completely.Also born on the placenta can determine whether or not the pregnancy itself was flowing correctly.

Pathology placenta

If the placenta is located in the uterus right, there are no problems in the fetus is not developing.But there are exceptions.Let's look at what a placenta previa.If the placenta is located on any wall of the lower section of the uterus, fully or partially blocking the internal cavity of the throat, such a pathology called placenta previa.It usually occurs in 1 percent of all births.It is also necessary to draw attention to the fact that such a placental abruption.This pathology occurs 1 time in 120 genera, and it leads to premature birth.If all produced health literacy, neither baby nor the mother did not suffer.Placental abruption occurs near the end of pregnancy, so notice it is not so hard.

In the observation of pregnancy, it is very important to the timely identification of placental insufficiency.To this end, during the ultrasound examination, it is determined what is the structure of the placenta, and the thickness of its location.It is also very important to determine the degree of maturity of this body.There are several degrees.A zero - it is defined on the interval up to 30 weeks.First degree - a 27-34 week, the second - and last week 34-39, the third - from 37 weeks to the end of pregnancy.At the end of pregnancy the placenta aging observed.What is the aging of the placenta and how it is dangerous?Senescence placenta dangerous in that area of ​​the body is significantly reduced, and on it there with additional portions of deposition of salts.


Thickness In order to determine the volume of the placenta, it is necessary to conduct an ultrasound examination, which is called placentometry.Only after it is precisely defined placental attachment site to the uterus and the place of its greatest thickness.Increased placental thickness in the range of up to 36 weeks, after which it ceases to grow.If at least one of the above pathologies present in the course of pregnancy, it is unlikely that it can be called safe.That is why, when planning the child as often as you need to visit the doctor's office can be.