How to cure warts ?

How to cure warts ?

Warts appear as a result of human papilloma virus infection, which can easily enter the body through everyday.There are many home and professional cosmetic procedures to remove skin unattractive education.Thus before taken for elimination of the problem, you must first make sure that it is a wart and not the tumor masquerading as her.To do this, you need to consult a doctor.

wart removal: professional treatments

  • Cryodestruction - removal of warts by freezing it with liquid nitrogen.Nitrogen is applied by a swab mounted on the holder.After treatment, the wart becomes white shade and a more compact structure.The bubble is formed, which in the next 5-7 days dries and shrinks for an hour in her place.At the end of the crust disappears, and in its place there is a small speck of pink - "youngest" epidermis.Most often enough one treatment, but sometimes may be required and optional.
  • laser coagulation.Warts layer by layer laser cut under local anesthesia.
  • Electrocoagulation.This is a mini-operation, which is performed under local anesthesia, in the course of her wart cut thin metal loop, which are connected to a high-frequency current.The resulting crust leaves too after about 7 days.Plus this method is that there is a lot of material for histological examination (it is necessary if the doctor has suspicions about the nature of cancer warts).
  • Surgical removal.Also performed under local anesthesia.The build-up is cut with a scalpel, the wound was sutured.This method is used to remove very large warts.

Pets methods

We also offer some home methods to cure the warts to remove them.

  • Use celandine juice (you can buy in a drugstore).With the lid with a special dispenser means should be applied once or twice daily to the surface of the warts.It is important not to affect neighboring skin, as celandine they can simply burn - remain ugly and painful traces.Under the influence of celandine wart will begin to acquire a blackish hue, indicating that its withering away.Searing can be repeated after some time if the wart is not the first time managed to completely remove.
  • Kalanchoe leaves chop as finely as possible (up to the state of slurry), to impose a lot of the wart and bandage.Change the bandage every day for a week.
  • recipe from the series "folk magic".Raw potatoes cut in half and the inside of each half to rub the wart.Then fold the fruit together, or simply postpone or buried in the ground.According to belief, the wart will disappear when the potatoes rot.

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