How to cure vitiligo?

How to cure vitiligo?

Among skin diseases alone is vitiligo, which manifests itself in the absence of pigment in certain areas of the skin, as well as the loss of hair color to them.In this article you will learn about what kind of disease and how to cure vitiligo.The pathogenesis of the disease is the destructive power of melanocytes, ieSince the skin cells that are responsible for pigment production.Possible discoloration and retina.So far, it not clearly determined, as it happens.5% of patients get rid of the disease over time, without special treatment.In other cases - thanks to careful diagnosis and healing.


Today it is impossible to speak about the direct cause of the fact that the disease called vitiligo.However, the causal relationship of man with a history of physical or psychological stress, hormonal disorders, infectious diseases and autoimmune nature.You can also talk about the form of vitiligo is caused by the body's accumulated amount of chemicals.In this case, as the cessation of receipt of the chemical elements in the body, there is self-healing.


As the prevalence of spots, there are three types:

  • Localized form:
    • focal - 1-2 area of ​​skin with spots
    • segmental - spots manifest on one side of the body
    • mucosa - only the appearance of the mucous membranes of the body.
  • Generalized form:
    • akrotsifalnaya - stains on the face and extremities
    • vulgar - spots on the body are located symmetrically to each other
    • mixed.
  • Universal Form: 80% on the surface of the skin pigment is lost.

The color spots:

  • inflammation: there is inflammation around the spot abroad.
  • blue: blue tint bleached spots.
  • trichromatic vitiligo: lighter skin discoloration limit as the transition zone.
  • vitiligo four-three spots of color complemented by a pigmented area around than healthy skin.


often no subjective sensations arise.But perhaps a slight scratching at the site of the formation of new spots.On general health is not affected.The only thing that causes discomfort, it's the white spots of vitiligo, which are then combined into a single milky white spot.When this skin itself in these areas does not change its smoothness and firmness, dermal hydration, and the pattern.This is in fact a feature of other dermatitis, vitiligo.Stains appear most often on the hands, elbows, knees, armpits, on the face of the mouth and eyes.Progression of the disease in all individually, from soft to hop.


allowed in the treatment of vitiligo folk remedies, but the treatment should precede any extensive diagnosis of the organism.The treatment regimen is always individual, and can last from 4 months to a year.The effectiveness of the use of any drug is established not earlier than 3 months of continuous use it.Basic methods:

  • PUVA therapy - the use of drugs-psoralen, reinforcing the perception of the body of ultraviolet rays, while ultraviolet radiation.
  • Hormonal ointments.They help to prevent the destruction of melanocytes.
  • Uzkovolnovye lamps.Treatment of vitiligo lamp - is a highly effective method.
  • excimer laser.The effectiveness of the method prevents its high cost and the likelihood of frequent relapses.
  • skin transplant.The patient is a transplant healthy skin on the affected areas.Effectively with small foci of vitiligo.As an experimental method of treatment used melanocyte transplants.
  • skin whitening.The expediency of this treatment for vitiligo - at 70% of the skin, prone to the disease.It is often repeated recovery of the pigment in some areas, they again can then be subjected to bleaching.

Together those funds, which are named, doctors recommend to carry out the measures and the recovery of the liver, intestine and endocrine system.And also it helps in getting rid of vitiligo - a diet that eliminates the use of harmful products (fat, smoked, fried, carbonated drinks and alcohol).However, to limit the food allergens, i.e.seafood, citrus, tomatoes, eggs, chocolate, strawberry.

Treatment of children

treatment for children aged 4 years will be the same as in adults.But if the infant or child under 4 years old, was diagnosed with vitiligo, treatment of folk remedies do not start immediately becauseIn this age there are cases of self-healing.If this does not happen, then it has to be taken very carefully to the diagnosis and the delivery of all analyzes, with advice from several experts.The main thing for a child to be a positive contact with it, joining it to a healthy lifestyle and quality nutrition.

Traditional recipes

Here are a few tools that are often cited as a popular treatment of vitiligo:

  • Infusion of parsnip: a tablespoon of crushed leaves is filled with 200 g of boiling water, leave for 2 hours, then received 4 p / e of 50 ml, before meals for15 minutes.After one week increased to 100 ml.At the same time rubbing the affected area broth.
  • emulsion from the bark of sycamore 1 tbsp burnt bark of sycamore mixed with 1 tbsp of olive oil and rub into the skin.
  • decoction of duckweed: 1 tspdry grass boiled for 15 minutes with 250 g of water.Defend hour and strain.Drinking all for 15 minutes before eating.Do this 3 r / d for 4 months.
  • decoction of herbs 7: Mix dried and powdered herbs - part 3 St. John's wort, sage 3 hours, 2 hours, nettle leaves, plantain leaves 2 hours, 1 hour, oregano, 1 tsp chamomile flowers and marigold.On 4 tbspcollection - 500 g water in a water bath for 15 min.Cool.Strain, take the 3rd p / d for 15 minutes before eating 15 grams.