How to weave African braids ?

How to weave African braids ?

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How to weave African braids?

started to develop as early as the 70s, the fashion for African braids was finally established in the modern world fashion and show business.Very comfortable to wear, African braids are very popular among democratically minded young people, cosmopolitans.And wearing pigtails can be everything, but how to weave braids in Africa, is a little-known.

fiber for African braids

Netting African braids possible for any length of hair, not less than 3 - 4 cm. This is due to the fact that in any case will weave braid of synthetic fiber.Even if your own hair is long, they will also be woven into the braid with an artificial strand.This is due to the fact that the specific synthetics makes it possible to give the hair the desired density and volume as the hair of European women are very different from the properties of the hair inhabitants of the African continent.

Modern synthetic fibers used to weave African braids are completely safe and harmless to the natural beauty of natural hair.Typically, the fibers are attached to the hair using a special knot, and then starts weaving braids directly.

Weaving synthetic fiber

This stage is one of the important activities of the whole process of weaving African braids.After the fiber is prepared for work (divided tighten movements) should proceed to the division of natural hair on the head in the locks.And it should be done on the basis of brick masonry, when the braid from the top row lies between two vtororyadnymi pigtails, and the shape of the strands on the head like a diamond or a triangle.It is also important to remember that in the parietal part of the strands are made smaller, to give volume to the hairstyle.And in the back of the other way around, braids made larger, as this area is covered by the upper rows of braids.In order to take the locks even small hairs (which will give the hairstyle a neat appearance), you need to slightly moisten the natural hair.

wetted necessary before weaving and synthetic fiber.After all of the above is ready, a loop of an artificial material should throw down on a strand of natural hair and begin to weave a normal braid so that you get two strands of synthetic and natural one.

Tip: try to keep an artificial strand in the immediate vicinity of the root of the natural hair.This trick can reduce unnecessary movement tightening process the two types of hair weave place, and eliminate the risk that you pull the hair of the client.

when the next 2 - 3 weave artificial strand will be to shift to natural hair, and then do the same action, and with natural hair strands.It's to do with the second strand woven.

When the braid is woven, the ends are processed by the client.They can be set on fire, pull the rubber band, tie a knot or moisten with hot water, leave as a "natural effect ends."

term wearing African braids African braids

worn on average for about a month.The actual wear life depends on the person's hair growth rates, which were woven braids.On average, the hair added in a length of 1 cm, which is why after 3 - 6 months made hairstyle will not look neat.New African braids how to weave and untwist should be carefully and attentively.

Term socks over those of African braids, whose thinner strand.The more African braids woven, so they are thinner, the longer the hair will look neat, stylish and attractive.

How to weave African braids video shows: "Netting African braids (video tutorial)."

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