How to weave your hair?

How to weave your hair?

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How to weave your hair?

Long hair allow for the creation of a huge number of different hairstyles, this article will share several options how to weave hair.

Weave braids three strands

Let's start with the usual braids three strands:

  • all Divide hair into three equal strands: right, middle and left.
  • Right lock of put on top of the middle, and now it becomes the medium.
  • lock of the Left put on top of the average.
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the entire length of hair.
  • Fix the braid rubber or hairpins.

French braid

Tat braid can be starting from different parts of the head, we consider the case of weaving from the back:

  • Take a lock of hair on the back of the head and divide it into three equal parts: right, middle, left.
  • start to weave a normal braid, ie the right lock put on an average, then left in the middle.
  • Then, before the right to impose lock of the middle, add to it free of hair on the right side.After that, put on a high.
  • the left strand do the same: increase it with loose hair from the left side and put on a high.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you reach the level of the neck.
  • Doplesti plait can be a conventional method, and using other versions of weaving, or immediately fix, leaving the tail.

French braid contrary

This is necessary to weave the braid as well as the previous version, but not put locks on top of the middle, and enclose the bottom.In addition, the French braid can be made bigger in size, slightly stretched side-locks to the side.This can be done in the process of weaving, and after its completion.

Spit snake

In this case, the braid as it winds through licentious hair, hairstyle is great for special occasions:

  • Weave start with the right temple: dividing into three strands, the right to impose high, then left in the middle.
  • Subsequent weaving weave, adding loose hair to the left provide designated on the left side, until you reach the left ear.
  • Expand scythe and direct it on a diagonal to the right shoulder, with loose hair strands add to the right on the right side.
  • If the length allows reaching the right border of hair, braid, expand the left side, weave loose hair on the left side.
  • At the end of her pigtails secure clasp.

Kos waterfall braid

This can be a element of hairstyles, as well as self-haircut.It can spin in a circle, diagonal as your heart pleases.Plenty of room for experimentation at this weaving braids are many: weaving a 2, 4 or more pryadok, weaving several waterfalls, waterfall weave of thin braids.Let us consider in detail one of the options how to weave beautiful hair in a braid waterfall.

  • Take a piece of hair with bangs and begin to weave a normal French braid.
  • To do this, divide the hair into 3 parts: the upper, middle and lower.
  • start to spin: upper strand put on high, then lower on average.
  • Now the upper strand again put on an average, and complement its free hair.
  • lower strand does not take the further weaving and reserve.Instead, take the loose hair strands near the bottom, and put them on the middle strand.
  • Then repeat steps 4 and 5. That is, to each provide designated top before putting it in the middle add a little loose hair, and each lower lock of throw and replace them by the same thickness of a strand of hair near the bottom.
  • At the end of the waterfall, you can weave a normal braid reaching the occipital region, or to the opposite temple, besides you can mow the waterfall and secure clip or rubber band at the end of the hair growth.

Spit of tow

Consider the case when Xhosa is made of pre-assembled hair in a ponytail:

  • share the tail into two parts.
  • curl each piece into a tight harness (for one way direction).
  • twist the two resulting tight plait each other (on the opposite side of the torsion bundles).
  • Fix the braid band.

Now you know several options how to weave hair.Videos in this article will help you a beautiful braid braids.The other articles of our website for details on how to weave a spike and Greek Spit ?.

How to weave on short hair

However, not only the owner of long hair want to weave braids.If we talk about short hair weaving, then there are also many options.

Here you can weave the braid as the whole head (the circle), and only in the bangs.For example, the scythe waterfall looks great on short hair.Consider a few options of French braids on short hair.

Short hair: French braid

  • Divide the hair into three parts: the bang and the temporal part of the hair, divided parted in two and the rest of the hair (back of the head and the central part of the hair without bangs)
  • hair from the back and center of the head was collected inbeam, if we want to collect all the hair, but if we want to leave them loose, then at the time of weaving just do the tail, for convenience.
  • now weave two French braids of bangs, one embarks on the right side of the head and the other on the left: reach the ear, and weave on at ear level.
  • When the braid is woven to the level of the beam or the tail, proceed to the second, securing the first.
  • If you use a pencil, then the ends of braids need to hide it, or entwine his braids.If the hair is loose then just fasten them together, or connect and dopletite as usual.

Dual braid bang on

To do this hairstyle, you need to make a parting on the side of the head, not in the middle:

  • Tat is necessary since bangs.At the same time the hair on the bang should be divided into two braids.The remaining hair can be gathered into bundles or tufts on the hair length that allows, in addition, you can leave them loose.
  • Weave braids start from the top, and weave it as a normal French, weaving algorithm described above.
  • When the upper spit dopletena to temple, weave it further at this level toward the back of the head and secured by clamps or rubber bands.
  • Getting spit, which will go on the forehead, she also performed in a French braid and runs parallel to the top.

Do not carry tight braids, so hair will be more romantic.

Tips: how to weave beautiful hair

  • before braiding hair must be thoroughly combed
  • Give splendor and make hair more manageable with the weaving can be pre-curling tresses of their lungs.
  • In some cases it is more convenient to weave a little wet hair, foam or greased hair.

In this article you learned how to braid hair.These options can be combined in a variety of hairstyles, important to apply a maximum of fantasy when braiding.For example, you can use a variety of accessories with the weaving, such as tape, and other flowers.Often the girls want to learn how to weave braids themselves, and this desire will help you to our website another article - "How to weave braid itself?".