How to curl hair straightener ?

How to curl hair straightener ?

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How to curl hair straightener?

Everyone knows that any thermal effect on the hair causing them irreparable harm.So do not abuse the regular use Termopribor styling.In addition, it is necessary to use special tools that protect your hair from the effects of high temperatures.

If you want to quickly twist the hair, use the straightener with ceramic plates and pick the correct temperature range.With the help of the rectifier can come up with a charming hairstyle, and for this you will need quite a bit of time and patience.

Technology curling hair iron

  1. Take a small section of hair and clamp between the plates of the rectifier, and the need to retreat from the hair roots to 15 cm.
  2. Wrap small strand around ironing once the ends have to look out from the head.
  3. Slowly turn the iron is forward, and then slowly down.

make it clear how to curl hair straightener, watch the video:

you purchased the hair iron, but do not know whether you can curl your hair straightener?The answer is obvious: you can only observe the rules of operation ironing rectifier.Little skill and you can curl your hair for a couple of minutes.

  1. Do not use the straightener on wet hair, otherwise your hair will lose their natural shine and become lifeless.
  2. Before you will enjoy ironing, put on the Heat protective means hair.

If you have short hair, then you, of course, interested in the question of whether it is possible to curl the hair straightener at a length of hair.Yes, the rectifier can be curled hair of any length, but uses a different technology perm.After seeing how to curl hair straighteners (video will find the link above), you'll see that it's pretty easy.


short hair Take a small lock, hold her ironing plates, pre-tightening it.The end of the strand should be directed to the outside, but inside it is possible and it depends on what effect you want to achieve.After waving let hair cool and then fix my hair lacquer.Do not be afraid to experiment, but know the measure, so as not to spoil the hair often exposed to high temperatures.