How to weave braid Greek ?

How to weave braid Greek ?

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How to weave braid Greek?

Long thick hair never out of fashion.They have always been and remain the pride of their owners, who come up to them the most gorgeous hairstyles.Pigtails are popular for a long time, since the days of antiquity, when they were the most charming medieval maiden.And now, braid, twist around the head - is not only convenient option everyday hairstyles and stylish idea for any holiday.Now we know what the Greek Spit and tell her how to weave this article!

Having trained, you can own a pigtail braid itself.This is done in several ways.In any case, the pre-wash your hair and treat the hair conditioned and mousse.

first method of weaving braids

If you like classic weave, make a smooth parting, dividing the hair into two parts.Take the hairpin and kill her one half of the hair.The second side is for weaving.One strand is divided into three and braid, adding to her hair out from the crowd.Braid is flat and follows the contours of the head.But we should not delay the hair is very dense, feature Greek braids that she always reminds surround a wreath.

When will spit dopletena to the neck, braid it all the remaining hair.Now braid the second side, while respecting the symmetry.Your braid should get lush and smooth.Individual hairs can is sprayed with lacquer, so they do not get out and bristled.When both sides are ready, however spit between a rubber band or a beautiful hairpin.Untwist tips and comb the hair, which disbanded.If you like that kind of braid, video - how to weave the braid Greek will show you visually how to do it.

second method of weaving braids

second method is more informal.If you go to some custom party, this is the option for you.To begin with, the hair and comb sbryznete varnish, stroking them.Weaving is the same as in the classical method, but must start from the left ear.Weaving should not be too smooth and neat, his originality is manifested in the negligence.Spit lead through the back of the head and to the right, but not up to his ear.The tips of the hair need to tuck and stab pins, turning them into a tight beam.From the beam select few pryadok to apply the wax on them.

are also a good option thin braids that will look great on holiday.It is necessary to take a broad forehead strand and separate it from the rest of the hair, securing their grip.Gently nacheshite front lock, and a little smoothed her comb, divide into two parts at parting.Take to the left of the parting very thin strand and divide it into three parts.Now braid pigtail to the neck, where it kill the clip.Similarly, the right side of the braid.

We stayed stab hair mass.Chop it and nacheshite slightly smoothed, obryznite varnish.All lift hair to gently tuck.You will have a magnificent roller to be stab beautiful hairpins.Take all the tips received braids and circle around fleece, tucking them under him.

Now you know how to weave the braid Greek.Photos and diagrams help a closer look at all the details.