How to curl hair in curlers ?

How to curl hair in curlers ?

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How to curl hair in curlers?

Creating beautiful curls using rollers is ideal for those who do not want to expose to the temperature effects of their hair.Of course, part winding on rollers also affects the health of the hair, but not as much as if you had used the curling or pressing.


curlers Styling on curlers used since ancient times.Now there are many types of rollers: curlers, boomerangs, "hedgehogs", velvet and metal curlers, heated hair rollers, bobbins.


«Hedgehogs' hold on the hair thanks to the small hooks, which, clinging to hair, curl is fixed.With these curlers can give the hair root volume.It is suitable for those who do not use a hairdryer.In this case, choose the largest diameter of curlers.But the "hedgehogs" is not recommended for those who have much hair confused, because to remove them then it will be problematic.


very easy to use so-called roller-boomerangs.With their help, obtained cute curls that do not lose their shape for a long time.Screw the hair on curlers boomerangs can be at night, since they are made of foam rubber, very soft and will not interfere with your sleep.If you want to make small curls, take the rollers with a small diameter.

Metal Metal curlers are attached to the hair using special sticks.You can not use a hair dryer drying, as the hot air quickly heats the metal.This can result in damage to the hair.


Increasingly, professionals in salons prefer gentle styling using curlers velvet.The only drawback is that it is inconvenient to sleep with them.


Some refuse to use bobbins, because I do not know how to curl your hair in curlers of this type to have turned out in neat curls.In addition, the hair after them hard enough to comb.This option is suitable for those who want to create small curls in the African style.For wet effect before laying on the hair strands may be applied to the gel.

Thermohair curlers

Thermohair curlers help create beautiful curls in just twenty minutes.Curler heated in water, and cool down to prevent, once wind the hair on them.I do not often use hot rollers.

Instructions for use

learn how to wind the hair on curlers, quite simply.The hair should be slightly moist and well combed.Uniformly applied styling gel.With combs separate the strand so that it corresponds to the width of the rollers.Screw-start with ends.Wrap rollers inwards to the roots.Strands should be screwed tight.Curlers are removed only after complete drying of the strands.


location If you want to know all the details of creating a neat curls, you can watch the video on this page below.Hair curlers cheat like many beauties, because then teaches hair is very beautiful.

For Persistent large waves rollers must be positioned vertically or obliquely.Curler for short hair are wound on top.

If you decide to place the curler horizontally, the long hair on the crown, use a large-diameter rollers, at the back - the middle, and near the neck - a little.