How to weave a dragon ?

How to weave a dragon ?

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How to weave a dragon?

Women's Spit - it is always nice, but in recent years, hairstyle with braids become more popular.Spit "dragon" is also called twisted braid, a kind of spit, which is woven from the top.

Kos "dragon" is suitable for girls with long or medium length hair.Also, this hairstyle is suitable for those with cascading haircut, but the hair length allows you to braid them into a braid.How to weave a dragon out of the hair, easy to understand, but in practice it turns out this hairstyle is not at all.The fact is that "the dragon" requires thoroughness and care, so this is not a braid braid two minutes.

How to weave hairstyle dragon

The first thing I want to note: independently create such a masterpiece on the head pretty hard.In the first place, it is not very convenient to weave the braid so that starting from the top, and secondly, to independently assess the results of their work difficult, which may affect the "dragon" quality and appearance.

How to weave braid dragon: step by step instructions

  1. The first thing to do is to moisturize the hair, so that they become more obedient.It is recommended to do with the spray.
  2. well comb hair comb with sharp, fine-toothed.
  3. Make a smooth parting from ear to ear.Here you have to be careful, since the smoother parting, so nice to get a braid.Independently make such a parting is very difficult, even if you arm yourself with mirrors on all sides, which is why "dragon" must weave someone else.
  4. Then hair should be divided into three equal strands.Start weaving like a normal weaving braids.That is the extreme strands in turn laid on average.
  5. The following is added to the main strands extra taken from the left or right side of the head.
  6. After weaving braid ends, the ends must be secured with a rubber band.

There are so many ways to weave braids, so in addition to the main points can be different nuances.For example, when weaving openwork braid strands are stretched a bit, and if satisfied, double weaving, then, in addition to the horizontal parting at the head, should make an additional parting from the forehead to the nape.Plenty of options of different braid braiding braids described in the section, but you can think of and their connecting this little imagination.