How to get rid of blackheads on your nose ?

How to get rid of blackheads on your nose ?

black dots on the nose are due to increased activity of the sebaceous glands.They produce sebum accumulates in the pores to form in them the sebaceous plugs which harden and clog pores.The tops of the caps from adhering to darken them dust particles - as a result of the skin there are numerous black dots.

How to get rid of blackheads on your nose

Clear nose of blackheads can be in any beauty salon or at home.

In the salons black dots are removed in the following ways:

  • mechanical cleaning - in essence it is squeezing tubes manually;
  • vacuum cleaning - removing blackheads with the help of a special apparatus.During this procedure the tube is applied to the black point in which the reduced pressure is created.As a result, the plug is drawn into a tube, and it is time to clean;
  • dry cleaning - on the skin in problem areas mask is applied from concentrated fruit acids that enhance the pores and dissolve grease tube;
  • ultrasonic cleaning - grease tube are destroyed by ultrasound.

At home, remove black dots on the nose is possible by means of finished cosmetic products and various homemade masks.

finished cosmetic products

  • Remove black spots on his nose to help facial scrubs.Microscopic abrasive particles contained in them, remove dead skin cells, removes dirt and sebum and mechanically clean clogged pores.Better to use scrubs designed specifically for the removal of blackheads.Using such cleansing scrub can be no more than twice a week.
  • finished cleansing mask dissolved and decolorized with black spots on his nose.Apply to the skin should be once a week after taking a bath.
  • suitable for everyday use special tonics and lotions, which effectively remove excess sebum, disinfect and purify the skin.
  • Cosmetic patch - another relatively new tool designed to remove black dots on the nose.The strips of adhesive paste on the back of the nose and wings.After some specified time in the instructions, sharp movement of the patch is removed, along with sticking to his greasy black stoppers.

Home remedies

At home successfully deal with black spots on his nose to help various autographic prepare the mask.Their action is based on different principles.Some of them have a slight abrasive effect - components contained in these masks, mechanically scrub the sebaceous plugs from skin pores.Masks of the second type helps remove black dots on the nose chemically.Organic acids, their constituent, soften and discolour hardened cork.The third type of mask - a mask tightens pores and not giving thus formed the new black points.

Recipes home cleaning masks.

Protein mask

separate the protein of fresh chicken eggs.Thoroughly rub a protein with a tablespoon of sugar.Half of the resulting mass thick nose grease lightly rub it into the nostrils and wait until it dries.Then apply the remnants of masks, a few minutes easy to tap on the nose pads of your fingers, then rinse with cool water mask protein.

Oatmeal mask

Grind in a coffee grinder four tablespoons of oatmeal and ssypte them in a glass jar.In the morning, a day, a teaspoon of ground flakes dilute slightly warmed milk until a thick slurry.This slurry is put on the nose, lightly rub it into the skin and keep the mask on your nose for about five minutes.Then wash.

mask of clay

dry cosmetic clay, dilute with water to the consistency of sour cream.Clay mass apply on the skin of the nose.When the clay dries, wipe it off the face with a damp sponge, then wash with cool water.

Mask of liquid honey honey

thin layer of grease all the nose.Often tapping fingertips on the nose, as if driving a honey in the skin.Do this for as long as the honey will not become whitish and will cease to stick to the fingers.After a rinse with warm water.

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Recipes home masks clarifying

Tomato mask

Take a ripe juicy tomato, cut it in half, remove one half in the refrigerator until the next day, the other half mash with a fork and apply tomato pulp on the nose.After five minutes, wash it off.The next day, repeat this procedure.

Sour milk mask

kefir, yogurt or yogurt smear the back and sides of the nose.Wait a few minutes.When sour milk dries, wash it off.Such lightening mask can be done daily for as long as the black point disappear.

The mask of aloe and lemon

Beat in one egg white foam.While whisking, add to it one tablespoon of aloe juice and lemon juice.Half of this foam put on the nose.Wait until the skin is completely dry.Above the foam dried, apply a second coat it.When and it dries, rinse with water mask.

Recipes masks pores

These masks should be applied after cleaning procedures in order to pull off advanced after their pores.

mask of starch and berry juice

To prepare this mask, spread a tablespoon of potato starch cranberry or currant juice to the consistency of liquid sour cream.Apply this mixture on the nose and hold it on the skin for ten minutes.Rinse off the mask starch.

Yeast mask

small piece of ordinary baker's yeast, fresh mash with a fork and gently dissolve the yeast with water.The resulting semi-liquid mass put on the nose and hold it on the skin to dry.Rinse the yeast with lukewarm water nasal mask.

addition to the use of all these means of sparing the skin at home, you can resort to more radical way to combat black spots - simply squeeze them with your fingers.

How to squeeze the black dots on the nose

Before the procedure itself, wash and degrease the skin on the nose, wiping her alcoholic tonic.

  1. Pour into a wide pan a couple of liters of water and set it on fire.When the water boils, drop in her handful of dried flowers chamomile.Boil herbal decoction few minutes.
  2. Remove the pan from the heat, put it on the table, lean over the steaming liquid on top of the head throw in the towel so that the steam does not escape.
  3. Sit over the steam for ten minutes, then proceed with the removal of blackheads.
  4. Sit in front of a mirror.Carefully wipe fingers with cotton wool soaked in alcohol (or vodka).Alternately squeeze the plug, pressing the tips of his index fingers with two opposite sides of the skin around the black dot.
  5. When all the plugs come out on the skin surface, wipe your nose with a disinfectant lotion and apply to it some - or mask tightens pores.

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