How to make your hair shorter?

How to make your hair shorter?

It is believed that a woman changes when changes his hairstyle.And it can be explained.After all, no clothes and no jewelery will transform the image as, for example, the transformation from a brunette to blonde.It is often said, and that the woman is always something lacking in her hairstyle, no matter how smart she was.Long-haired girl's dream to finally decide on a short cut, and those with short hair, jealous owners of mermaid curls.Sometimes, impulsively and make a hairstyle, the woman immediately begins to feel sorry about the loss.And then begins a long and tedious process of hair regrowth.To avoid this, but you are still allowed themselves to experiment with style, use the tips on how to make your hair shorter on time, not otstrigaya them.

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This option is ideal if the hair below the shoulders, but did not reach the level of the elbow.Comb your hair, gather them in a "tail" at the base of the head, fix weak small rubber band.Then gently lower the gum down to the minimum length of hair remained below the gum, but the "tail" is not scattered.Fix the rubber band tightly and tuck formed at the end of the "brush" of the hair down to the base of the neck.Hiding it under the hair, lock pins.You should get some sort of penalty, surround and lush.

If you need to use a comb, do it very carefully so as not to pull a strand of hair hidden under the "tail".This hairstyle is made properly and carefully, looks very effectively and naturally.If it admit the slightest mistake - the beauty is lost.Therefore, making the hair itself, do not forget to look in the mirror, what happens behind.

Curling Curling visually shortens the hair.Now, you can choose many different types of rollers: round and vertical, rubber and plastic, "Boomerang" and "hedgehogs".From the value of rollers it depends on how will be shortened hair.The larger the diameter of each winding strand, the shorter length is obtained.

same way to a wave as ripple, though beautiful, but not very effective for shortening the hair.It is better to choose the round large diameter rollers.The shorter the initial length of the hair, the less should be the diameter of the rollers.For example, a penalty can be reduced to the minimum length by a thin "boomerangs".It is important to take into account more and that which curls to face you.

This method is very convenient.Although hair is shorter, usually not much, haircut looks immaculate.


fleece, done correctly, will not damage the hair, but only raises them, making a visually shorter.Fleece you should always be on the side of the strands extending from the face, so as not to be seen matted hair.Fleece done little thin comb with frequent teeth.At the same strand to pull further away from himself and carefully carry out a comb toward the roots.As a result of the hair is pressed to the head, creating a significant amount.

fleece importantly - do not overdo it, because apart from shortening bouffant hair and creates more significant volume.Responsible moment - the unraveling of fleece.To do this, you need to wet hair, split into smaller strands comb and a plastic comb with a few teeth, slowly and carefully.


can slightly shorten the hair visually, making blow-dry.The best use for this special root spray which raises the hair.Each strand is necessary to wind the large circular comb in the direction of the person conducting it for a hairdryer.

In the final laying desirable moderately with lacquer.Such a method significantly shorten the hair only a small length.However, any haircut, laid a hairdryer, a body will look and tidy.


most extraordinary way to visually shorten the hair - to fix them with a long scarf or shawl.It is the perfect solution for the cold season, as a scarf or shawl will serve not only to fix, but also for insulation.Just comb your hair and cast away by the shoulders.Right on top of the hair to Wrap a scarf around his neck.The hair, not hidden under a scarf, will look like a square.If the hair is long enough, you can increase the volume by gently releasing more hair from under the scarf.

The main disadvantage of this method - fragility.During movements gradually broken hairstyle, and it requires constant correction.But it's a great option for that on a short way down the street to get a new image, without any time-consuming.