How to curl hair iron ?

How to curl hair iron ?

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How to curl hair iron?

the female - is quite unpredictable and very creative.Devices that are designed for certain purposes, multifunctional devices can be in their hands.Even a simple hair straighteners, they can make elegant curls.

There are several ways by which you can curl the hair iron.But in any case, before you start curling, you need to prepare your hair.


  1. well wash your hair with shampoo.
  2. Rinse them balm.
  3. Dry hairdryer.
  4. Deal thermal protector tool that will protect your hair from the effects of high temperatures.
  5. Heat the iron is up to the required temperature.Choose sparing temperature conditions, so as not to overheat the hair.

After preparing the hair for styling, we can safely move on to the winding utjuzhkom hair.During the work, you will need:

  • invisible;
  • barrettes;
  • hairspray.

Method 1

This option is suitable for any hair length.

  1. Divide hair into strands: the smaller strands, will turn the wavy hair.
  2. Grab strands and wind hair in the same way as we do the usual curling.
  3. Carefully extract the iron is.
  4. share the curls and fix varnish.

If you use this method, we will turn curls, spirals.

Method 2

second method also allows you to curl your hair with the help of ironing.

  1. First separate the strand of hair.Then tighten it with the ironing at the root.Keep hair iron in an upright position.It should be noted that the thickness of the strand, the larger curl.
  2. Rotate the iron is the entire length of the curl around 180 degrees.Thus it turns a beautiful strand.But remember, each strand can cheat once.
  3. At the end of our hair sprinkled with lacquer.

Method 3

This method will create a so-called "beach curls."

  1. share the hair into thin strands.
  2. curl up in a small flagellum each strand.
  3. utjuzhkom fix then each tow.
  4. The entire length of the strands you get a spiral.Some girls, when you create this hairstyle, the tips are left intact.
  5. After all the strands thus treated, you can fix them with lacquer.

Method 4

fourth method can not only cheat curls, but also to create the volume.

  1. Divide the hair into locks.
  2. Then, the index finger is necessary to wind the hair strands.
  3. Each strand should be fixed at the roots of the hair with the help of pins or invisible.
  4. Thereafter, each curl tightly compressed between plates ironing.
  5. When all strands have been processed, remove the locking means (invisible, hairpins) and straighten them.In the event that any strand is not clocked, it is possible to tweak utjuzhkom as usual curling.
  6. Treat the hair hairspray.

If you do not fully understand how to curl hair ironing, watch the video, which filmed highlights of the work.More options for creating hairstyles you can learn here.