How to weave a basket ?

How to weave a basket ?

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how to weave a basket?

Kos has always been considered a symbol of femininity and beauty of Russian, which is why hair styles with a variety of options for weaving braids are relevant for many years.Spit Basket - this is the original hairstyle that will be appropriate in the office or at a party.Most often

basket - a kind of French braids.Step by step instructions French braids woven Braids can be found in the section.Basket can be placed as a ring around the head, or assemble in an intricate knot.Fantasy may suggest other solutions.In the art of hairdressing very much depends on the creativity and sometimes a departure from the rules to create a more interesting solution.

How to weave braid basket of hair: step by step instructions

Before "build" a basket of braids, you need to prepare all the necessary tools.To weave braids, baskets, you will need:

  • comb with sharp teeth, which is convenient to grasp small clumps;
  • hairpins, invisible, elastic bands and small pins to help fix the shortfall, short strands;
  • spray, lacquer and spray with water.

If you are going to weave a decorative basket, pre-cook the flowers, ribbons or colored thread, which you will weave as you work.

So, go directly to the process of the work:

  1. As with most sophisticated hairstyles, before weaving a basket of hair, you need to spray to moisturize the hair and comb them well.
  2. Divide the hair into two equal halves.For some embodiments, parting hairstyle can be a bit more on the right side.
  3. Next on the side, which will begin basket (usually it is the right side) to start to weave braid.This can be a traditional braid and inverted.
  4. Please note that the braid is woven not the way we used to - from top to bottom, and in a circle from the occiput to the forehead.Once the braid reaches the parting must be a smooth transition to the other side of the head and gradually weave strands of the left half.
  5. After braid braided around the entire circumference, the free end must be put neatly or hide behind the broad-bordered top spit.
  6. If necessary, fix the result by means of pins.

how to weave a basket of hair in other ways

There is an interesting option, how to weave a basket on long hair.In this case, it is necessary to begin weaving from the top and a spiral weave braid.Depending on the splendor shag can get up to six laps.It looks like this basket cap and can be decorated with sequins, flowers and colored ribbons woven into a braid.

Some masters basket weave two braids, where the end of the first spit discreetly woven into the beginning of the second.With skillful weaving guess where some spit is almost impossible.

If your hair is long enough, you can experiment and put braids different patterns on the head.This hairstyle looks very original.