How to wind the hair on curlers ?

How to wind the hair on curlers ?

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How to wind the hair on curlers?

Definitely every girl wants to look perfect.Unfortunately, visiting every day salon there is no time and money.However, there is a way out of this situation - to style your hair using curlers.As a result, you will get attractive curls, and your hair at the same time stay healthy.

General principles on the hair winding curlers

  1. Wash your head with shampoo and leave the hair to dry naturally (to moist).
  2. to curl lasted longer, you must apply on the hair a small amount of special funds before styling (gel, mousse, foam, and so on. E., Chosen to suit your hair type).
  3. Cosmetic means can be replaced by a national.For example, brush a strand before curling a beer or sugar solution.
  4. then carefully comb the hair in the direction of growth.
  5. Next, you need to separate the first strand (if possible, use a special comb, the end of which is a long, thin handle).Starting from the top of the best: separate strand of which the width is not more than the curlers and comb it (you can sprinkle lightly with hairspray to curl better entrenched and longer held).Then, starting from the tips, tightly screw the lock on the rollers to the top and secure it.
  6. Similarly, tighten all the strands of the crown of the head.Then, the occipital, side and front side.In this case, than the thinner and less of your hair, the less hair take on a strand.Just when winding strands sure that there is no crease ends.
  7. To make it easy to work with locks, use during special terminals "Crocodile".
  8. If during winding rollers, had dry your hair, the head lightly sprinkle water (for example, using a spray) or a light spray.
  9. At the end of dosohnut let hair naturally.Do not dry with hair dryer, as well as go to bed with curlers.
  10. After complete drying of hair begin to release locks on the rollers, parallel giving them shape.
  11. Combing hair is not in a hurry: to permanently locks retained its shape, it is recommended to comb hair after 15-20 minutes after removing the curlers.Instead, comb your hair, you can put your hands.
  12. Once you achieve the desired styling, sprinkle with hair lacquer.

Features winding

Hair Using the above rules on the hair swirling in curlers, you can cheat both long and short hair.However, depending on hair length having some features in operation.Also, wrap hair technique depends on the material rollers.

Next we will talk about the features of the hair a little bit more.

Short hair

  • To facilitate the generation of fake short hair on the wrap process unruly lock of a small piece of paper, and then screw the hair curlers on;
  • Owners short hair need to cheat, only the upper strand;
  • For short hair is best suited curlers "stickies" and "boomerangs".

-length hair

  • Owners of medium length hair curlers pick the easiest, as suitable curlers of any material for them;
  • But diameter curlers better to choose medium.So, curl wave will be softer.

Long hair

  • For long hair curlers must use different thicknesses: neck hair curlers curl up into small, on the back of the - middle and on top - large;
  • If cranking long hair in curlers fine strands, it is possible to achieve the effect of thick hair;
  • Gently use curlers, "Velcro" for long hair, because the hair quickly become entangled.Screw locks on the rollers are necessary to thin strands;
  • Keep in mind that long hair dries very slowly.

Currently, there are a huge variety of curlers from foam to electro.

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