How to weave braid Falls ?

How to weave braid Falls ?

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How to weave braid Falls?

Kos Waterfall - charming stylish hairstyle for long hair, which is one of the interpretations of the French braid.A simple weave that creates a very delicate and feminine image, looks particularly impressive on a slightly wavy hair just below her shoulders.To learn how to weave braid waterfall, we describe in detail later in this article.

Tools and means

In order to make a braid Falls, you will need:

  • few invisible;
  • Comb hair;
  • Hairspray.

Hairdressers are using different ways to weave this original hairstyles.Later in the article we consider the most simple and accessible method of weaving elegant waterfall braids.

Kos Waterfall: step by step instructions

  1. First we need to carefully comb your hair, because then they have to be separated into strands.
  2. One strand should be taken in front of the parting.It must be divided into three parts and proplesti once as an ordinary braid.
  3. bottom strand should hang freely, but instead need to weave into a braid another, taken from the total weight of the hair close to the tempered.The strand should be the same thickness with tempered.A new strand of should be woven into a braid, making it average.
  4. Next to the upper strands of hair to be added from the crowd.Technique is similar to weaving a simple French braid.
  5. third and fourth step should be repeated until the half of the head will not be propletena.Staying in the middle back of the head, must be secured with the help of invisible weaving.
  6. above process must be repeated for the hair located on the other side.When weaving reach the site of attachment of the first braid, the two sides will need to carefully connect and fix invisible.It must be done discreetly as possible, to give the impression of continuous weaving.
  7. hairstyle can be lightly sprinkled with lacquer to fix and decorate the spectacular hairpin if desired.

tips weaving braids Waterfall

In the process of weaving is recommended to take large enough strands.Then the hair will be more voluminous and spectacular.Particularly interesting it will look on thick hair.

To create a sense of continuous weaving, attaching two braids, you can hide the bulk hairpin in the form of, for example, the spectacular flower.This hairstyle can be a perfect complement an elegant evening of the image, making it very feminine and alluring.

More interesting ideas for weaving can be found in our article - How to weave hair.Kos "inside" - is another interesting and unusual haircut option, which may well be spectacular detail festive image.To learn how to weave spike inside, described in detail in our article - How to spin a spike inside.