How to make a bundle with a roller ?

How to make a bundle with a roller ?

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How to make a bundle with a roller?

beam with roller - beautiful and elegant hairstyle.It is suitable as a strict business suits and evening dresses, as well as to everyday clothes.Make a bundle with a roller is easy, and now we'll show you how.

Before you start to make a bundle with a roller, need to stock up on the following:

  • hairpin;
  • comb;
  • invisible;
  • hair elastic;
  • roller;
  • hairpin;
  • hairspray.

Option №1

To beam with roller turned out perfect, please follow the steps below:

  1. Gather hair at the nape with a comb.It is necessary to form one ponytail, which is necessary to fix the elastic band for hair.
  2. Now take the roll and pass it through the ends of the hair, which keep upright.
  3. Then start gently turn out roller to gathered strands were fixed on him.Do this for as long as you reach the base of the tail.
  4. Fix the resulting beam using stealth.It is essential that it is securely held.
  5. next step - the fixation of the finished hairstyle.To do this, use hairspray.Cover them resulting beam.
  6. to your hair looked original, be sure to decorate her beautiful hair clip on either side.

Option №2

Make a beam with a roller and can be a different way.

  1. Comb your hair and assemble them in a ponytail.
  2. put gum on the platen and cover him up and locks.It is necessary that he was completely hidden beneath them, and on top of it pull another gum (preferably pick it under the hair color).
  3. As a result, you get a bundle, but the hair will stick around.They will need to tighten around the gum, thus you will be able to disguise it.
  4. Lock neatly curled tresses invisible or hairpins.
  5. The finished sprinkle with hair lacquer and decorate a beautiful barrette.

Of course, with such original hairstyle you'll catch yourself admiring glances.Also, go with it will be very comfortable.Thus it can be done also for other circuits without using a roller.About them in detail in these articles:

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