How to wind the hair on curlers ?

How to wind the hair on curlers ?

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How to wind the hair on curlers?

not necessarily buy curlers curling hair in the store, because many of the women before the wind the hair on curlers, make their own hands.This will require the fabric and scissors.From tissue do the strip width of 2 cm and a length of 15 cm. Take any paper, such as newspaper strips and make out of it.A strip of fabric wrapped in paper, and that use as papilotok.Eyeballs are pieces of fabric that are needed to during the wrap paper will not fall from the hair.

cheat curlers

To you yourself could properly wind the hair on curlers, recommend reviewing video.It will help you cope with the problem, which at first glance seems to be difficult.Please note that the hair wrap is recommended to do with the bottom row, so before you start the process, you must collect the hair at the crown and tie them so they do not interfere with you.

hair will be much more effective wound on the curlers, if they are pre-drizzle styling.If there is no, then use plain water.Sprinkled with a lock, begin the process of winding curl on the central part of the curlers.If you want to curl it has been screwed to the beginning of hair growth, then completely wrap the curl.In principle, before curlers to curl hair, necessary to determine the length, which will eventually stranded.The thickness of the curls you choose yourself, too.For large curls take more hair, and for small - less.

We sleep with curlers

With curlers can sleep, what and all their beauty - they will not put pressure in the head, as is the case during the winding on rollers.To curls well fixed, curlers need to hold the hair for at least five hours.Although, even in this regard, you can choose the time of holding papilotok color.Maybe you only want light curls that do not require long-term holding papilotok color.