How to weave braid with a ribbon ?

How to weave braid with a ribbon ?

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How to weave braid with a ribbon?

Previously, ribbons in the braids intertwined mostly schoolgirls September 1, in the lower grades.But times change, and now ribbon in her hair - a fashion accessory for many girls and women of all ages.Today, let us consider a few options woven braid with a ribbon.

How to weave braid with a ribbon: ways

Before talking about how different can be done with a pigtail ribbon, give you three pieces of advice for choosing tape for braids.

  • If you have long hair, ribbon, too, should be long enough - at least 1-1.5 m
  • Select the correct tape width:. If thick hair, the suit tape wider, if liquid or insufficient volume, take the tape already.
  • Pick color ribbon.If you want to feed only gave a little sophistication and highlights her hair, choose a neutral color or tone the hair.If you want a more glamorous hairstyle, take a bright ribbon, contrasting hair.

And now a few simple ways to weave the ribbon in the braid:

  • Anyone familiar option - a tape in the usual spit.Position the tape under the oblique at its base.Separate hair into three strands and the two of them, add one end of the tape.Now braid plait, as usual, the tape will be interspersed with beautiful locks.Then tie a ribbon on the tip.
  • can braid two high spikelets or two French braids, then take a thin ribbon and carefully threading it turns into strands in braids, braids combine distinctive lacing.
  • There is another way of French braids woven with ribbon.Likewise, you can weave a braid with a ribbon in a few strands.Divide the hair into locks.The initial strand, which will put the next one, tie a ribbon.Now put on top of the next strand and the two ends of the belt obveyte it.You can strike up to the fortress on one node.Then take the next in the queue and also obvevayte lock it on both sides, fix again, then take the following and act according to the same algorithm.Do plait weaker, so that it turned out more lush.That will have approximately the Spit.

Spit with ribbon can be woven in very different ways: you can weave a ribbon along the braid as you please, and ready to weave her hair, and only then gently pass through the ribbon through it as you see fit.

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