How to wind the hair on the curling iron ?

How to wind the hair on the curling iron ?

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How to wind the hair on the curling iron?

Curly hair, whether naughty or sexy curls waves will always be fashionable.One of the easiest ways to do them - is to use a curling hair.With her curls will turn out nice and fast, unlike traditional curlers, which take up a lot more time.Curling affects hair high temperatures, under the influence of which the hair receives the desired shape while retaining the result of a long time.If after installation you use also special cosmetics - fixer, the result will amaze you at all.

There are some rules on how to wind the hair on the curling iron.

  • Forceps are used only on clean and be sure to completely dry hair.
  • To prevent damage to your head of hair using Heat protective agent for hair.
  • Do not use styling products to use curling irons.

How to cheat Curling

This is done in several stages, and when done correctly, each of them you will achieve beautiful hair.However, it depends on what result you want - soft waves, tight curls or something else.You may need to wind the hair part or all completely.

If you have selected all the perm hair, then you will be convenient to divide them into several zones.From ear to ear across the highest point on the head, imagine a conditional line and divide the hair into two parts on it - on the occipital and upper.

upper part of the divide is still a few areas, making side partings on either side of the head.They must pass from the top of the frontal cavities and up to the parting, which separates the occipital and upper head area.It turns out that the upper zone is divided into three parts, each of which is necessary to fix the clasp.

After these steps, proceed to the hair wrap.Better to start with the back of the head.The thicker you to wind the strand on the curling, the weaker will perm - the optimal width of the strands - two centimeters.Screw hair sequentially, from the bottom to the top strands.

There are a few simple rules about how beautiful curl hair curling.

  1. Keep the curling iron in his right hand and a comb in his left.
  2. If you make wavy hair, the curling motion should consist of short movements, but not broken.Curling must not slide on the hair.
  3. Picking a lock and supporting his comb, curling iron to open and hold a lock.The trough should be at the bottom.The chosen location horizontal pliers closed.
  4. Ready hair comb deflected in the desired direction.In what it is - it depends on your desire.
  5. to do two turns Curling body wave.After turning everything is ready.

for modern girl should be no problem about how beautifully screwed Curling.More and more industry develops, produces such new tools for women as hair tongs, which greatly facilitates the entire process.In addition, the Internet can help in this case.After all, if you want to see how to wind the hair curling - video to help you.Just type in a search engine such a request, and you get a lot of the available instructions that can make a hairstyle for any occasion.

That's it - now you know the basic principles that will help you create a beautiful hairdo of curls.You just think about what locks to fit your image.