How to weave braid itself ?

How to weave braid itself ?

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How to weave braid itself?

Kos since ancient times is considered very feminine hairstyle.So, the girls plaited a plait, while married women to emphasize their status braided hair in two braids on the sides.Now spit rightfully won one of the most fashionable trends in modern hairstyles.You can find many different ways to weave or braid smaller set of options.Do you want to learn how to weave braids itself?We will tell you a little about it.

Before you learn how to learn how to weave braids itself should determine what you can braid braids on your hair.If you have long, thick hair, you can braid absolutely any braids as hair length allows.If the short hair, the long French braid is not braid it or get short, or not work at all because of insufficient length of hair.In any case, almost all the spit, you can braid in the medium and long hair.

The simplest options

Like most learn how to weave braids?Start simple and gradually move to the complex.So, to begin with the usual suit and spit spit-harness.

Weave braids ordinary

Regular braid except that men do not know how to weave, and the many turns quite well.Divide the hair into three parts, then throw the left strand over the middle, and then - right.Strands are reversed, and that the average has become the left.We continue - first left, then - right.And so to the end, and then fasten the rubber band.Kos is ready!To make it more fashionable and modern, you can braid the braid on one side and then throw it forward over her shoulder.It is also possible to weave the braid is not tight, but in the end a little dishevel.

Spit harness

To do this smoothly combed hair back in a ponytail and collect at medium altitude.After that the hair in the tail should be well comb, to make them as smooth as possible.Divide the hair into two equal halves and the two begin to roll into tight bundles as long as each begins to tow slowly phased out.After that, the two are intertwined harness, superimposing them on each other in a spiral.At the end of the hair must be very good to fix a rubber band.We get a very cute and fashionable!

Complicated braids

These are suitable for those who have already practiced on simple queues and for those who have hair at least medium length.These braids are the usual French French reverse French braid disheveled and "fishtail".How to weave

French braid itself?Who will tell!

Usual French braid

around the forehead, at the growth of hair in the middle of the base take a small piece of hair and divide into three small locks.It will spit base.Getting braid as usual, but almost immediately puts a key in the locks on the small locks on the sides.Do we must carefully, each time adding a fine provide designated.Also, make sure that each side braid turned uniform.If you have a small lock of the right, then left to take the same.When weaving on the head ends of the remaining hair can be smooth or curled tail, and you can braid them into a conventional or any other braid.

To make such a disheveled braids, you need a little bit is not completely pulled out of it a little, some locks, but you should take care not to weaken the entire braid.Kos should get the bulk, but not lax.

Contact French braid

Otherwise it is called inverted.She weaves in the same manner as conventional French, but the strands need not enclose the top and bottom.Due to the reverse weave braid turns and embossed convex.

Kos "fishtail»

Clean comb hair, divide into two halves.You can start from either side.The main principle - to the edge of one half of the hair strand, and select a small spread to the opposite side;further to separate the lock of the other half and toss the opposite.Do you need to very carefully, but at the end it is necessary to fix the rubber band.This comfortable braid weave of the tail, and in the end it turns out the volume.

That's a few options weave classical braid.Now you can find a lot of video, where instructions on how you can make real masterpieces of their own hair and braids are so many that do not even know what is best to weave!Well, if you like the spit, which we were told that the video - how to weave braids itself - on our website, you will definitely come in handy!