How to wind the hair on the cloth ?

How to wind the hair on the cloth ?

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How to wind the hair on the cloth?

Women and girls are always keen to be beautiful.And what could be more beautiful than natural beauty.Curls and ringlets always look attractive and interesting.They love not only their little girly, but adults indulge themselves with such beauty.

How to wind the hair on the cloth is now knows not every girl, because progress does not stand still, times are changing with technology.Today, you can find a huge number of curlers of different thickness and density, and ploek and stylers that can be used to create both large and graceful curls.But what our grandmothers used to do without all these accessories, because they also somehow twisted hair.

The answer is simple!They found their way to gently twist the hair on the usual pieces of cloths, made of bandage or any cotton fabric and paper.You can easily check for yourself this way, because it is no big deal, and it has many advantages.

Positive aspects

You may ask, what is the advantage of this method is not it easier to take advantage of our familiar technologies.And whether it be as effective?

  • Of course, with the correct execution of this type of curls are not inferior to the professional approach.
  • Another advantage is that the cloth is not no way burned through her hair, in contrast to other methods.
  • And perhaps the most important thing is that you can safely sleep with them, and will not experience discomfort as from the curlers.
  • Especially because for this you do not need to go to the salon and save time, you can wind the hair on the cloth on the nature or even on the road.

We turn hair into cloth

consider in detail how to curl hair on the cloth properly.

To do this, take the bandage (can be other fine fabric), comb, scissors, and if required, a means of laying.

Bint need to cut strips to their thickness was no more than 5cm.Take a small section, the tip of her capture by a knot in the middle of the strip.Then tighten the lock to the desired length and tie another knot bandage.

Then you need to keep 3-4 hours, after the promotion of the curls will hold approximately the same time.In order not to break the resulting hair can be covered with a scarf stranded hair.

And if you have used during the winding of hair styling, the hair will last even longer.By the way, it can be used as folk remedies to enhance stacking, such as beer, strong brew of black tea or just water with sugar solution, but it will need 6-10 hours to wash hair.We turn

hair on

paper can also give your hair more clear and pronounced form for this purpose in addition to cloth and paper yet.In this case, you can even choose the right thickness of your tresses.Our mothers and grandmothers have used conventional newsprint.Beauty store is now recommended by the thin white sheets that do not leave traces of paint on the hair.

process itself remains the same, only instead of using a paper strip curlers 7-10sm.This strip should turn a tube, but before that to put a rag.Cloth should be slightly longer than the tube of paper, it will be necessary to fix the curl.

Then strand curls on paper, is wound up to the desired height and the fixed hub of the tips of the cloth.

After about 4-6 hours styling is ready.In the same way as when winding on tyapochki can be used as folk and professional styling.

Now you know how to wind the hair on the cloth.Video material on this subject as well to help you make a smart styling at home.