How to cure herpes ?

How to cure herpes ?

Ringworm is a rash caused by fungi or viruses.There are several factors causing this disease:

  • viral infections;
  • weak immune system;
  • stress;
  • hypothermia;
  • allergy.

How to cure ringworm: drug treatment

Medicine offers a set of procedures for the treatment of lichen, including the use of antibiotics, as well as external treatment.

If the disease is detected in time, completely get rid of it can be in the past month.Young people with good immune systems are much easier to overcome the disease, discomfort will disappear quickly.Dermatologist will help to cope with the abnormal expression of appointing qualified treatment, taking into account the stage of denying.Modern immunotherapy is able to cure even chronic disease.

  • Ringworm is treated with antifungal agents, which need to lubricate the skin throughout the day.It is also recommended to use iodine, dries the affected areas.If the disease has arisen on the head, you should wash your hair with a special shampoo.With a large focus of depriving apply special ointments containing antibiotics.Their composition destroys fungal cells, not allowing them to reproduce.
  • Shingles is considered the most intractable.It is contagious and is accompanied by pain.Get rid of the disease will help internal and external funds.The patient is prescribed a pain reliever, anti-allergy and anti-microbial agent.This type of lichen can not be treated independently.
  • Pityriasis versicolor - a rather mild form of the disease, it is treated with external agents and ointments.
  • course of treatment for lichen planus should take place only in a medical facility.As agents are used creams, ointments, and medications.
  • Get rid of multi-colored lichen help ultraviolet rays that kill the fungus.No less effective are exfoliating and softening agents.

Traditional methods of treatment depriving

Folk remedies also help get rid of the disease.To resort to them should be only after consultation with a dermatologist.A more effective result will bring the combination of medication and prescriptions of traditional medicine.

  • When the first signs of rash depriving small bubbles need to rub the zest, cut in half.
  • cure ringworm can use sifted rye flour, if every day to lubricate it thoroughly damaged portions of the hair cut.
  • Pink zoster treated with ointment home, you want to cook, mixing the egg and spoon tar soap.
  • help speed up the healing process and fresh juice viburnum, which should be lubricated every skin inflammation.
  • Another way to get rid of ringworm - rubbed into the skin of a mixture of garlic juice and castor oil.
  • alcohol tinctures of garlic will help to treat the scalp.The tool should be rubbed into the hair on a daily basis during the week.
  • For the treatment of lichen planus suit compresses of birch leaves.For the preparation of a therapeutic agent naparivayut birch leaves and applied to the affected areas.Using such packs for two weeks, the patient will achieve the complete elimination of the disease.
  • Lotions of apple cider vinegar applied to the inflamed areas, will facilitate a state with shingles.
  • effective treatment is considered fat paper.To obtain a sheet of paper and fold the paper funnel and put the wide end on the plate.Then set fire to the top and wait until leaf burn.After that, the plate will be spot fat, which lubricate the affected skin.

Application drug or national funds should be immediately discontinued in case of deterioration of the patient's state of health or increase the size of inflammations on the skin.

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