How to make waves on the hair ?

How to make waves on the hair ?

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How to make waves on the hair?

Every season there are new and new hairstyles.What was fashionable in the last season, it becomes relevant in this or modified and transformed into a new hairstyle.

most delicate and elegant hairstyle is a "wave".Then the question arises: "How to make waves in the hair and at the same time spend a minimum of effort and money?" The answer is simple: choose one of the options listed below and you'll have a chic hairstyle.

It should be noted that the hair "wave" can be done both on the long and short hair.

Triple curling

can use triple curling, which mimics the shape waves to give hair waves effect.First prepare the hair: wash them and dry and apply fixing means, such as foam hair.Then begin to wind the hair on the curling, separating one provide designated and passing through the plate.When you have finished the first strand cheat, go to the next.After all strands are processed, fix hair hairspray.


If you want to get a wave with large amplitude, while maintaining the natural and soft strands, first wet the hair and divide it into several parts.Then be dried hair, alternately twisting each strand into a bundle.As a result, you will get a vertical ringlets which sprinkled with glitter for hair - to give hair a natural shine and moisture and nail fixation.

Hair dryer with diffuser attachment

Using a diffuser attachment to create curls - one of the most simple ways.Work is carried out in several stages:

  1. On damp clean hair applied a little mousse and styling hair slightly mauled hands.
  2. With the help of a hair dryer with a nozzle-diffuser fix derived natural wave, with prosushivaya them within 15 minutes from the roots to the tips.The result is a hair with the effect of negligence.

curlers and flexible sticks, boomerangs

If you have time, to create waves using large rollers or flexible sticks, boomerangs, after which the hair will look natural.To start dry the wet hair dryer to semi-moist condition and twist the strands of hair on large curlers in a chaotic manner.Once hair is dry out, remove the curlers and straighten curls, bent forward with the head and slightly fluffed their fingers.Then treat the hair lacquer.

retro wave

To create this image, prepare:

  • fine comb for hair;
  • styling gel;
  • hairspray
  • hairpins or invisible

also follow the instructions:

  1. Moisten hair, soaking them.
  2. Make a side parting, which looks best with this hairstyle.
  3. Comb your hair.
  4. Treat the hair gel in large quantities.
  5. about parting put two fingers and comb the hair to face, fix the strand between Maltsev, the wave, and the rest of the hair comes back.Then again, lock pushed forward and return back.Thus we are making waves throughout the length of the strands.You can also use stealth to help fix the wave bends.Thus we continue to handle the waves, heading for the top.
  6. Doing the same wave with the opposite side.
  7. Secure varnish and remove stealth, if you use them.

So you figured out how to make waves on the hair, so do not be afraid to experiment to create hairstyles.