How to cure a blister on his leg ?

How to cure a blister on his leg ?

Corn most often occurs due to uncomfortable shoes or a long walk.It is not only a cosmetic defect, but also causes severe discomfort.It is therefore important to know how to treat a blister on foot.


To quickly get rid of calluses, you can use drugs.The best are the following ointment: Bensalitin and Super Antimozolin.They are manufactured on the basis of salicylic acid, thereby to effectively soften the skin and contribute to its rapid healing.

also cure corn can use keratolytic cream.It penetrates deep into the skin and promotes its regeneration.Calendula ointment is also used to treat corns.It quickly heals wounds and relieves pain.Apply it should be according to the manual, as well, and other means.

Along with ointments is recommended to use pharmaceutical corn plasters.Change it is recommended every 5-6 hours.

Folk remedies

Cure corn on the foot can help folk remedies.The first thing you need to do the bath with soap and soda.Take 1 liter of hot water.There add 3 h. L.of baking soda and 1 tbsp.l.laundry soap.Dip your feet in the tub for 40 minutes, and then do one of the following lotions:

  • seethe the milk prunes.Remove the bones from it and attach to the hot corn.Keep lotion at least 30 minutes, and it is better to leave it on all night;
  • Take raw potatoes, peel and grate.The resulting mass lay on the gauze and apply to corn.Maintain a lotion should be 12 hours;
  • Take aloe leaf, thoroughly wash and remove the film.Attach it to the corn, fix band-aid and leave for the night;
  • Take raw onion, peel it from the peel and grate.Gruel press and attach to corn.Shook his foot polyethylene, and then the elastic bandage.On top put on socks and kept compress all night;
  • Take a lemon, wash under running water and remove the peel.Her crush, add a little vegetable oil and mix everything carefully.You need to get the mush with a uniform consistency.It attach to corn and bandage the leg.

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