How to style your hair dryer ?

How to style your hair dryer ?

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How to style your hair dryer?

One of the dominant factors of appearance girl is her hairstyle.Beautifully styled hair fixed curls create a neat romantic elegance or negligence.Learn how to style your hair dryer by virtue of any woman, more importantly, know how to do it right.

How to style your hair hairdryer

Here is a set of rules, following which you can easily learn how to do a nice blow-dry, and at the same time take care of their health.

  1. Haircut do only professionals.When hair is trimmed correctly, then they will fit well.
  2. also thoroughly wash your hair, clean hair only give the necessary blow-dry.Otherwise, they would hang like icicles.
  3. If you are the owner of fine hair, use a hair dryer with adjustable heating.Your hair type reacts negatively to very hot air.Dry them in a cool level.
  4. Hot hair must be a minimum distance of 10 cm from the hair.
  5. desirable to style your hair every other day instead of every day.After all, from the effects of the hot air, the hair becomes dry and dull.
  6. To hair is not electrified after blow-drying, before the procedure, sprinkle on them a protective emulsion.It allows you to remove static electricity.
  7. right after shampooing is not recommended to use a hair dryer.Blot hair with a towel and let them dry out a little for yourself.And only then begin to do blow-dry.
  8. properly style your hair hairdryer on individual strands.Share them, use bobby pins.In this case, you get a smooth well-arranged hair, as if just returned from a hairdressing salon.
  9. No matter how you style your hair from the air dryer should always be blowing from the roots to the tips.
  10. sure to take a look at the video as to lay the hair dryer.

How to style your hair dryer volume

  • If your goal - the amount of hair, remember - in any case it is impossible to apply a means for laying on wet, freshly washed hair.A little air dry their hair dryer, and apply product to damp hair.Otherwise, the effect will be less than 2 times.
  • basal volume you reach, if strands grab hand tightly pull up, and at their base will cause a special agent and blow dry.After that, be sure to let the hair cool.
  • properly style your hair, twirling strands at the roots on a round brush while drying.
  • If you have medium length hair or longer, then to create volume tilt your head down and dry your hair in the direction from the roots to the tips.At the same time spend on them comb against growth.After lift your head and bring styling to perfection.The amount is provided to you!

How to style short hair hairdryer

  • Laying on short hair preserved longer and will be more lush, if before blow-drying to moisten the hair foam or styling gel from the roots.The effect is even on very thin hair.
  • Short hair is dry at first as you want them to lay.And in the end vzeroshte laying them against the growth of hair to add volume.
  • lifts the strands from the roots when dry short hair hairdryer.Remember, short hair should not be left without stacking.