How to make a face mask ?

How to make a face mask ?

Everyone knows that home-made masks have a sufficiently rapid toning, refreshing, cleansing, dries or moisturizing effect.In no time they help get rid of acne and smooth wrinkles.You can use masks and tubes from, but it must be remembered that contain preservatives, dyes and other harmful ingredients in them.We will talk in this article about how to make a face mask.

rules applying

Rssmotrim all the subtleties and nuances that must be considered when applying and using face masks.Because of this effect is directly related procedures.

  • Preparation of the skin.The skin should be completely free.Do not apply the mask on the skin, which had previously been greased cream or cosmetics applied to her.For purification procedures use foams, gels, lotions.Then you can make a peeling using exfoliating scrubs.
  • Preparation masks.To do this you will need a container in which to mix the ingredients, it is better if it is made of porcelain or glass dishes, and the spoons, tea and dining room.Sometimes you may need tolkushkoy (mash with fruits, berries or vegetables), coffee grinder, juicer and blender.Use for home masks can only fresh products.Apply the mask to immediately after their preparation.Keep such a mask can not be in any case.
  • Consider how to apply the mask on the face.This is done usually on the face, neck and décolleté.It must be stated in the recipe.You can do it by hands or using, special brushes and spatulas.Apply the mask on the massage lines, from the bottom up, that is, starting from the chin or neck, forehead and ending.The hair should be completely hidden under a headscarf, they should not touch the skin.The procedure for applying masks: from the chin to the ear lobes, from the corners of the lips are going to the middle ear from the nose to the temples, from the middle of the forehead to the temples, too.Do not apply the mask on the mouth area, the area around the eyes, except in cases that are specified in the recipe.

Note the time that the best effect can be achieved if, after applying the mask to lie down, and closed his eyes, relax.It would be good to include rellaksiruyuschuyu music.Walk, talk with a mask on her face is extremely undesirable.Because the facial muscles are constantly tensed and the effect of this decrease.

mask kept on the face for as long as indicated in the recipe.Usually it takes time from 10 to 30 minutes.If you have been experiencing any discomfort, the mask should be washed off.And in any case, do not forget about it and overdo.This can lead to extremely undesirable consequences.Mask wash off with water only, without the use of tools for washing.If skin is oily, wash with cold water is necessary if dry, then warm.Rinse off the mask can be a special sponge.It needs to be wet, remove the mask from her face and then wash with water.After rinsing the skin lubricated moisturizer that is commonly used.

Terms of Use

There are certain rules for the use of masks, which should be remembered.How to use a face mask?

  • To prepare the masks from fruits and berries can be used both fresh and frozen fruit.
  • impossible to cook the fruit and berry mask of the products that can make you a food allergy.
  • Fruit masks should not be applied before going out.Fruit acids that are in them, increase the skin's sensitivity to sunlight.
  • Those masks which solidifies when transformed into a solid film, it is impossible to keep more than 20 minutes.
  • Masks should be done in a day, the course should reach 10-15 procedures.
  • firming mask, especially contracting, need to do a little head thrown back.
  • skin around the eyes pre-lubricated with a nourishing cream.

mask for oily skin Oily skin

support not just in good condition.It is essential to improve its appearance, you can use masks.This will help remove the shine, greatly narrow pores and reduce the tendency to acne.Consider how to prepare a mask for the face with oily skin.

Yeast mask - should take ten grams of yeast and mix them with yogurt.It should get a mixture of sour cream consistency.It add one teaspoon of berry syrup, it can be replaced by juice of plantain leaves.Apply mask on your face, very carefully at those places where there is accumulation of clogged pores.After 15 minutes, the mask should be dry, it must delete the fingers in a circular motion.Face wash with warm, then cool water.

Masks for dry skin

Dry skin looks pretty nice and smooth.Lack of water can lead to early wrinkles.Therefore, a mask for dry skin should be included as much as possible of moisturizing ingredients.Consider how to make a mask for the face with dry skin.

Mint Mask - 1 part peppermint leaves to grind and pour 3 parts of boiling water.Bring to a boil and let simmer infusion for 2-3 minutes.After this it is slightly cooled.Gauze folded in several layers in it to distribute the warm mixture.The mask can be washed off after 15-20 minutes, then it is removed and rinsed with warm water.The course of such masks should reach 3-4 weeks, it is necessary to do 3 masks per day.

Masks for combination skin

for combination skin care will combine the care of two of its types.But there are masks that are designed to care just for this skin type.Consider how to make a face mask with combination skin.

Regenerating mask for combination skin - need to cut a small piece of pumpkin, peel and remove the seeds.Cut into cubes and boil for 15 minutes on low heat.Then add a tablespoon of starch spoon and two teaspoons of olive oil.All good rub.Apply on face for 15 minutes.Rinse off with warm water.