How to make a perm ?

How to make a perm ?

Most girls can not live without a hair curler.Firstly, this process requires little effort.Secondly, it is very beautiful.There are several ways how to do perms.

How to perm hair in different ways

  • most common way zavivki- this "angel curls".For this procedure you will need a special tool, which structure does not include ammonia, but there PBBS complex and botanical extracts.These components help to restore hair.The result of such a wave is elastic and soft curls.This method can be applied to blond hair.
  • second way - this wave with permanents based on silk protein called EugenPerma.Make a perm by this means it is available, and the result - docile and smooth curls.This composition will face hair loss that often occurs after a perm.If you have very sensitive skin of the head, then make a perm you can sdelatbio-perm Mossa.It includes bamboo extract, which protect against burns sensitive scalp.
  • Stealth - innovative perm, acting on volosaiznutri structure, ie the hair matrix.Trace elements, amino acids and ceramides wheat enriched with curls.With this wave of hair remain healthy, and the hair looks natural.

«American Style" waving

prezhnemuprodolzhaet He was to remain the most popular type of wave.It is this wave was Julia Roberts on the set in the title role in "Pretty Woman" movie.Why US?Yes, according to what was invented and got their popularity in America.On tonkiespetsialnyekoklyushkizavivayut hair, as a result - beautiful spiral curls.This wave is suitable for any hair length.

Other permanent funds are suitable for this wave.The best option - it is a means with the addition of natural ingredients.The choice of what to do perm, you will help professionals, taking into account the structural features of your volos.Dlya permanent waving, other than the above described embodiments, its special features are developing leading beauty brands.The leading, relevant and popular brands include Wella - American concern, Keune - Dutch brand and L'Oreal - the French company.In order to maximize the hair look healthy, beautiful and strong, constantly creating more and more professional masks, balms and shampoos for their rehabilitation, strengthening and protection.This process requires an individual approach and special care for the hair.To this end, and to create new products for hair care.Such facilities offer such luxury brands, like Sebastian and MultoBene.Tony & amp;Guy, Schwarzkopf and Londa are mass-market companies.

How to make a perm at home

Very impressive look straight well-groomed hair, but for all women though sometimes you want something new.Make your hairstyle will help the original curled elastic curls.To know how to make a perm, do not need much, but in order to become a reality beautiful ringlets, you need to choose the right tools for this procedure.

How do perm

wet on wet hair styling products necessarily apply to a wave.Foam - for fixing the rack, mousse - for natural curls, gel - to clear strands.The combination of a hair dryer and round brush will give you a natural light hair, beautiful and voluminous hair.With a round hairbrush and hair dryer are processed along their entire length of the roots.Also beautiful curls can be obtained by braiding braids, and many pre-processed hair gel.Hair crimper, or curling, are considered the most common and popular way of curling at home.With their help, it can be curled, as soon as the ends of her hair and make gorgeous curls through the hair.