How to style your quads ?

How to style your quads ?

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How to style your quads?

Today, there are many ways to put a nice haircut, a square (bob).This allows you to perform various haircut hairstyle depending on the event, time of year, the environment, etc.

So as to lay a square?To lay the required standard set - gel, nail and skin.Foam gives the hair volume and allows you to gain a magnificent hairstyle, even with a small amount of hair.

options as laid quads

  1. Standard version - classic styling square.During drying hair wrap round the ends of the strands into a comb, separated from the main strands of hair bangs and comb them all back.Form a bang and fix it with varnish.The bulk of the hair parting divide into two halves (a small piece of hair - from temple to temple - lies in the parietal area).Then tease strands of any part and do a little cushion, fasten it back or invisible clasp.
  2. elongated square.How to style, to emphasize the beauty?Simply divide the hair parted in the middle and forward to release of large bangs strand is then applied to the gel and your fingers messy hair whip.At the end of all fix varnish.
  3. If thick hair, it is possible to divide them into a side parting, whip your hair with your fingers (fingers apply makeup styling).Then select a small strand of hair from her bangs and get down on his forehead, the rest of the hair back recline.Secure lacquered on request.
  4. Rack with curly locks.First, twirl her hair in curlers.Then carefully remove the bobbin and comb fingers strands from root to tip.Then apply a little gel on your hands and still a time comb strands.We make a side parting, give shape to bang and fix all the varnish.
  5. There is quite an extravagant hairstyle, based on the short form of "Kara".This option can be seen in a video on how to put a penalty to the disco, which is now on the Internet is enough.So dry your hair, apply a small amount of foam or gel on your hands and shake up the hair from the roots.Then tease hair comb with a few teeth and distribute comb with round teeth (focus on the crown of the head).Temporal strands omitted on the cheeks, and the remaining hair is laid in the original cap.Fix a varnish.
  6. next version very precisely shows how to style your bob.Wetting gel or wax hair styling and make a side parting.Carefully divide the hair to the middle of the crown, and comb them on both sides.Then, from the left side of the parting smoothly combed a small section of the bangs and fix it behind the ear.The remaining hair omit the face, we separate them into small cloves and aim at the face ends, and the use of styling.

I would also like to draw attention to the very useful advice on how to style your bob bob, the hair after a minor styling were lush.It should be almost dried hair comb first on one side and dry, then the other, and too dry.Then should lower his head down and shake your hair.Then we do a little side parting and fix varnish.